Spring yin

It is still winter, the cold air has not gone, and the cold air is blowing! Spring is dense. You see, people are jubilant and full of flavor of the year, which means that Spring Festival is coming and spring is bred. Look again, the sun at noon is warm, and it seems that the […]

Yi Wei

Wen/Xin Hai Yi Wei years will come to an end. For me, this year may be the suffering and transition of life. The desire for a better life is something that every living person enjoys. For the sake of your dreams, you will always feel that you are OK. When a person challenges life with […]


The small building had another east wind last night, and the past was unbearable. Yes, this sentence comes from Li Yu’s “Yu Meiren”, which is also a masterpiece left by him when he became a prisoner. After reading such poems, I have to say that it is the blessing of life, although it is a […]

Chinese New Year

It is so fast that I am still thinking about how to buy New Year’s goods in my mind. Lantern Festival is just around the corner. The sound of crashing firecrackers, the booming spring couplets, the red lanterns, all kinds of spitting and shouting Spring Festival Gala, these traditional folk atmosphere inherited this experience for […]


Spring is coming, and the spring color is also flooding! If spring is installed in people’s hearts, wouldn’t it be better! Then, people’s mood is as warm as spring, and life will also become happy! It is a pity that the mood in the past was so pale and desolate, just like the ice and […]


Women’s beauty celebrate women’s festivals women’s beauty can be seen separately. Opening the history books, many definitions can be found out from what the ancient talented women did, and one word runs through it: love. The beauty of a woman lies in the great love for the motherland. During the pre-Qin period, there were frequent […]


Lying alone in bed, I don’t want to think or think about anything. I have been recalling in recent days, looking through all the things I have left, in different places and in different periods. It seems that those days that I can’t go back can lie quietly in places that are not noticed. Only […]

Home in

The mountains and rivers, fields, villages and vegetation outside the tall buildings could not reach my eyes, but I could imagine. They have been kept in my memory, active in my thinking and presented in my dream. That was the place where I was born and raised. At the foot of Jincheng mountain, there were […]

I only

I want to go far away, travel and wander. I just want to be alone, carrying my luggage and quietly stepping on the journey to find my paradise. Years are quiet, I just want someone. Leaving the hustle and bustle of traffic, stepping on every inch of the land I ‘ve been longing for, sucking […]

The dream

Time is engraved on the past, and whether the persistent dream ripples due to the quivering between dribs and drabs. The passing time, the passing warmth, the cyan sky, the clouds and haze have already disappeared, a dream of wind, flowers, snow and moon. Whether you are overlooking the distance now with your sad eyes. […]