You is

In Grade 9, he and I were divided into the same class. At that time, he sat behind me and we were divided into the same group. There are four girls and two boys in our group. Every time it was our turn to work together, these two boys would be lazy. Their reason was […]

Cook a

Not waiting for the fallen flowers, not waiting for the autumn moon, this autumn, I am only responsible for cooking a pot of clear and light tea, waiting for a person to walk from the vast mountains and rivers. The wind only blows around the deep mountains, and autumn becomes deep. The falling sunshine, wandering […]


When I was having lunch, I found something black appeared in the bowl, and instinctively picked it up with my hands. Then I realized that there was a flickering black shadow in my right eye, which was projected into the bowl. My mother-in-law said: It may be the same as me. It is the precursor […]

Put down

The pendulum of the clock has never stopped. Every second now is the past of the next second. The moon tonight will also be the past of tomorrow, the future is always the place we can’t see in the next second, while in the past, we have really gone through. The years of mountains and […]

Yan Long

In fact, it was not cheating, but her husband was still connected with her first love. The woman lived in Beijing, and her husband would go to Beijing on business every few months. The man has a successful career, and he also cares about his family at ordinary times. He goes home to cook almost […]


Wen/Ren Zuoping QQ524922862 sometimes, at that moment, there was a kind of grievance that had no place to vent. I wanted to delete all my friends, reset my memory, and didn’t struggle with some stabbing words, grief! Ask yourself? As? Why, but I still struggle, block my heart, unspeakable sadness, nowhere to vent, depressed or […]


Although my mother is illiterate, I think she is an artist, at least in my eyes. When I was young, the living conditions in rural areas were not very good, but my ingenious mother always tried to deal with it. She managed the dressing and eating of the whole family, which was quite reasonable. In […]


It is like thinking about a certain plot in the movie and putting yourself into it; It is like a spring dream, which is about to wake up; It is like Pu Songling’s “Strange Tales from a lonely studio”, which is just a daze, it is too small for the whole life to go to […]


In a trance, I don’t know if I should write down these words. In the evening, the gray ceiling lamp on the roof of my bed, as long as I close the curtain and turn off all the lights, it will cause trouble on it like a ghost lamp. I can’t remember when it was […]

Even goods

Speaking of this question, I feel it’s a bit big. For me, a layman who knows little about drinking and tasting tea, how can I evaluate the tea culture in the north and south? However, after several visits and investigations of the Southern teahouses and the Northern teahouses, I have read Zhou Zuoren’s tea drinking […]