The long-length novel The Price of Love change, created by young and middle-aged writers Liu Xingbin and Huang duoliang in Jiangxi province, has been officially published and released by Baishan Publishing House recently. The price of love change is a classic masterpiece in 2015 among writers in Jiangxi province. It is not only a romantic […]


Speaking of luxuries, most people think it is something that cannot be bought with money. When I was young, I didn’t know what luxury was, let alone that there were so many things called luxury in the world. When I was young, on my birthday, I ate one or two eggs cooked for me by […]


The osmanthus in the corner of the balcony didn’t show any sign of blooming two days earlier. This morning, there was a faint smell of fragrance. Looking carefully, the osmanthus bloomed overnight. While smelling the fragrance of flowers, watching carefully, little white flowers were hanging on the branches, clusters, so delicate and so pure. The […]


Lu Yan Ting (Jinzhou city Wei Zheng Primary School 13582369218) haven’t heard Chunlei, up to number spring rain. The days of dust and fog on February 26th and the haze flying all over the sky were so depressing that people could not breathe. Night sleep, feel more oppressed, I had dinner, discard large comfortable wooden […]


For a beautiful legend engraved on the stars and the moon, deep in the smoke wave, I set out from the corridor of Xiangge and lifted up the seasonal dress in the world of mortals with the Lotus steps of Shanshan, sitting in the park, I borrowed the rhyme of a new word to see […]

The North

In Beijing, the subway that I often take is line 14 and 6. The place where I live is near subway line 4. Perhaps, any subway line is not as prosperous as line 4. No matter when you take Line 4, you will feel squeezed meat pie. I even found the most suitable reason for […]


(1) at first, all kinds of small food were tempted, and then I played the game of throwing a pen cap and picking it up by hands, playing the game that his hands were hidden in the bed and caught by me as a little mouse. When I opened my arms to hug him into […]

Please not

Xiaoni once again ushered in a new task, which was to borrow the craft in her warehouse regularly, and when the craft content was changed, she informed the borrowing staff one by one to change the page number content. No, Xiaoni started the work she had repeated many times again. She picked up the phone […]


This so-called swordsman is a mantis. Somehow, this mantis is a little different from the impression, mainly the color. Generally, the common one is mostly green, while the guy in front of him is dark brown. If it is really difficult to find it on the land, is it for disguise? On a whim, he […]


When I took the subway for the first time, nothing shameful happened, because I was always confident of my intelligence. In such a large subway station, there was no urgent matter, so I slowly watched others’ operation and the indication signs. Anyway, no one knows me. I am not afraid of making a fool of […]