The husband preferred her daughter, and he said that her daughter was the gentleness in his palm! My daughter is the second child in my family. As the first generation of only child in China, our husband and wife are also the first batch to apply for the second child index as double single identity. […]


After soaking in the sea of questions for too long, my body began to give off a magical smell. It formed an invisible dark force field around my driving shell. When I tried to escape from it, the field would be more and more tight, so tight that I was suffocated. I can no longer […]


Late Autumn, a flash of rain sprinkles on the pavilion. The Sill chrysanthemum is sparse, the well Wu is messy, causing residual smoke. Sad, Wangjiang pass, flying clouds dim sunset. Song Yu felt sad at that time, facing the water and climbing the mountain. The pedestrians were sad and tired to listen to the long […]

A only

After a day’s rest, I turned off the phone. There were invitations yesterday noon and evening, so I quit unconsciously. However, it is time to quit the drinking in the past week. Once you have a rest, you will accompany your family. I cooked a meal at noon, and made it better at night. I […]


Retain the blue in that piece of memory as time goes by, the fragments of memory will gradually fade and blur, and gradually disappear. But some unforgettable memories will be sealed in the deep of the memory forever by Chen. Just like the treasures stored in the box, the aged wine in the wine cellar, […]

Spring rain

The rain in memory is not like this. Especially in spring, the rain in hometown usually lasts for three days or two days, but at least one day or half a day. Unlike this small town, it has been more than twenty days since the second day of the new year, which is intermittent. Lingering, […]

The “Tong

There are more friends around me who are little aunt and Little Aunt. A friend asks, Hey, aren’t you a pre-school student? What do you think about this child? I didn’t know what to say at that time, because once bad habits were formed, it was really difficult to correct them. I don’t read much […]


I don’t know if you have such feelings and troubles. We are filled with troubles every day. For example, what do you have for dinner? Braised pork is too greasy, fried eggplant oil is big, vegetarian dishes have no taste, dumplings are always eating tired. Eating is troublesome for choosing. Think about the days when […]


The sky was gray, as if covered with an old clothes. The tall buildings ahead are also gray, which is the same as the sky. As for the further Mountain, there was no trace, let alone a little bit of green. When I went out in the morning, I heard the radio in the car […]


Recalling all kinds of things in childhood often makes people laugh and cry. But thinking that he was so brave at that time did not lie in daring to fight, but in daring to set up an ideal. Even though the ideals are just bubbles one after another, the pure and clear blue can still […]