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I was disappointed all my life. I couldn’t get the reward from others even if I struggled hard. However, I was not angry with cowardice or discouraged, so I decided to be a confident woman. Build the world with your own strength in life, and win people’s appreciation with your true talents and hard work. […]


A nightmare of the devil has not dispersed, the dead have grown up, and the living must be firm. My younger brothers helped the local people carry relief supplies on the day after the disaster and took active actions. It was said that they would go to Zhouqu again the day after tomorrow to undertake […]


Why do you need mountains and rivers to participate in meditation, but the fire in your heart is cool. Standing in front of the temple and overlooking the Fujiang River flowing day and night at the foot of the mountain, the temple of Bliss, surrounded by mountains, could not help thinking of the Buddha’s words […]


At dusk that day, I finished my meal, put down my job, pulled slippers, and led my big head to the Company yard for a walk. The big head bounced and danced happily in the lawn. After running crazily for a while, he was so tired that he leaned into the lawn obediently. He opened […]


In our life, there are always some incomplete objects for various reasons. Maybe they are lying quietly in a corner that is often forgotten, like static notes, stay in the empty sky, pecking our hearts. I have a delicate cardboard box, in which there is a watch without lid, a purple sand teapot without lid, […]


The moon is the brightness of my hometown, and my hometown is unforgettable. What is particularly unforgettable is the old house in my hometown, which has been haunted for countless times. Although it is a low Cottage, a dirt road and a stick, but the hard-working figure of parents is there, the old neighbor’s old […]


Life seemed to lose all the taste suddenly, and looting materials seemed to grab a lot of salt and put it into mouth to make up for the vacancy of taste. If you don’t feel satisfied, you have to grasp more and kill those sensitive and tiny tentacles on your tongue. Therefore, I have left […]


A flower blooms in the world. If it is beautiful and enchanting, everyone will like it and everyone will be full of praise. If a person lives in the world, if he is beautiful and generous, or even as fragrant and bright as flowers, he will certainly be appreciated by people. Why don’t we live […]


Gongyuan on September 24th of the lunar calendar in 1968th, zi shi, a baby was born in a poor family in Shaoyang, Hunan. His grandmother named him Wu Xiaolin, implying that he could become a small forest in the future. However, forty-seven years later, this guy named Wu Xiaolin didn’t become a forest or a […]

long shu

When I got on the bus in the scenic spot, I felt relaxed for a while. The trees spread all the way, making me feel much cooler. My mood was gradually relaxed. The driver was very easygoing and enthusiastic, we arrived at the destination with chatting all the way …… oh! The momentum is very […]