I have been idle at home for more than half a month, and I have been staying at home all the time. I can even count the number of times I go out with my fingers broken. It was not because of the bad weather, but because I was relatively suitable for traveling some days […]


Tanabata, I’m drunk. 820 will pass in half an hour. Maybe when you grow up, you can’t smell the fragrance of roses, you can’t touch your lover far away, and you can’t find the distant direction. I stood on the cross street, not lost my way, but didn’t know where to go. It was the […]


Every time I walked through the intersection, I used to look for her with my eyes. Speaking, We have lived next to each other for more than ten years. I go out early and return late every day, coming and going in a hurry. The old couple lived on the first floor of the building […]


For many years, the noise in the world has disturbed me, and I really want to choose a quiet place to place my soul. Let the soul release itself and Bloom its inner elegance. In this way, I feel more quiet; Secondly, I can have a home. It won’t be possible to run east and […]


It’s almost Tanabata, approaching this ancient Chinese Valentine’s Day, my heart doesn’t feel moved. Love is as poisonous as a method, and as holy as crystal. Love is a beautiful fairy tale as well as an old legend. The word love is too noble and too humble. I didn’t want to mention it, but it […]

Heart cold

After having lunch, I had nothing to do. I wandered around the Internet with my mobile phone and watched all kinds of anecdotes and entertainment gossip, suddenly I saw an article about migrant workers and college students, whose content was the comparison between them. After reading it, I thought it was good, so I decided […]


People say that the lotus flowers in summer stand gracefully in the pond, leaving its beauty alone. It brings comfort to visitors! People all envy! I think, I also have distinctive features, why not bloom my unique beauty? Lotus flowers are out of the silt without being dyed, while I am in the noisy streets, […]


The lingering thought was done to smoke the broken cocoon, and the banana was peeled after the heart injury. In March and May of the Thirties, the poor glass of wine never disappeared. Huang Jinren wrote this article in Qi Huai because he suddenly thought of such a poem. It seemed that the star was […]


People who know how to brag also have certain advantages, especially in this society, as long as they play loudly, they can achieve great careers. Many people became famous by blowing, and the more they blew, the more vigorous they became. Finally, they became the gods worshiped by trillions of people! Once before, braggers were […]


In life, there are sunshine, darkness, prosperity and depression. People all want to pursue sunshine, enjoy the moisture of sunshine and get a prosperous life. But this is not what everyone can get. Only by striving forward in life and twists and turns in progress can the beauty of life be revealed. No one is […]