Today is my mother’s death day. Four years passed quickly, and the immortal passed away, leaving only scattered memories and endless thoughts for the living. I was the only one missing for the four siblings. They only shed a few lines of tears in the South thousands of miles away, and only wrote a few […]


Calmness is a kind of state of mind, which is the cultivation of high quality after hard training of thoughts. In today’s society full of temptations and traps, it is not easy to maintain a good attitude. Only by experiencing life with a good attitude can we find the true meaning of life. A person’s […]

xia ru

Summer is like flowers, with a wisp of breeze, listen to a cicada! I still slept soundly in the spring dream. No, it was the dense rain that caught my tired heart and the withered soul harvested by the scyck with rain. This time when I went to the countryside, I really came home. This […]

Van Gogh

“The potato eater” is very ugly, but the early gaze and eyes have revealed Van Gogh’s extraordinary temperament and unique enchanting. Several people were surrounded by gloomy lights. Because of those people’s magical different expressions, they remembered the plot of friends having dinner together, the past when poor people kept silent in the furnace; Those […]


In the rainy season, it was wet everywhere. The walkways, floors, and the clothes and towels all gave off a damp smell everywhere, and even the heart was cool. This kind of dull breath doesn’t suit me. The skeleton is like a broken frame. The nerve seems to be torn and split. The chest is […]

It cry

But secretly, it was very sad. How to reduce it for you, but it is deeply rooted in your flesh and blood. Constantly sink and melt. Who gives you the quiet, leave it beside you. Just like everlasting, quiet, even the world can not see. The trace of searching, there is breath of suffocation. In […]

I and

I am looking for your breath along the way, but I forget that you are already gone. Beating horses across the grassland, never picking a petal, but stealing your fragrance all the way. I want to use the time of a song to forget everything, but forget my seven-second memory without fish. It is said […]


The thinking and ability of self-protection are the instinct of life. In fact, it is not only human beings, but also many creatures in nature. Of course, the self-protection measures of many animals include not only preventive measures, but also emergency measures taken in emergency situations. People are different, because the advanced nature of people […]

Garnet branch

The attention to Pomegranate is not very high. Although Pomegranate Flower is very charming and pretty. But because pomegranate is hard to peel, I can’t remember how long I haven’t eaten pomegranate, and even its taste has been forgotten. The ancients called it thousand houses with the same film, and the pomegranate with a Thousand […]

Light ink

Spring elimination snow Spring elimination snow, multi-the yao nian, unspoken. Reading from afar, it is just above that snowfield. The snow is really beautiful, after all it is spring… Waiting Waiting is a kind of persistence, sticking to a certain belief and never giving up. Maybe because of a certain commitment, or because of a […]