The woman’s old Sesame rotten millet was angry with her husband at noon today. After recalling, I couldn’t help thinking of some things about Chen Zhima rotten millet. In fact, women had forced themselves to forget about these things, but the things at noon today really made it difficult for women to calm down. Women […]


A forgetful man, Sha Yue, lives at home. If you want to be a good man, you must be forgetful. Don’t bring home the troubles in social work. The leader gave a lesson, and the colleague ran a lot; He accidentally filled the wrong form, and was calculated 50 yuan in the business field; even […]


Heaven is on Earth blue sea heaven is on Earth, why do you have to dream deliberately? Why do you have to pursue it deliberately? Sometimes heaven is floating in front of your eyes, floating around you and slipping away between your fingers. Earth, this beautiful planet, when astronauts saw this planet with glittering blue […]

How do human beings

When his body has completely melted, including his bone graft and his clothes; His history and fame are preserved through the ages, not a story passed down by word of mouth, not a legend without writing, it seems that it cannot be summarized. His deeds or great achievements surpass everything of human beings, all experiences, […]


I am a person who seldom slept, so I didn’t have the habit of sleeping by bus. So every time I went to the provincial capital to do business, I liked to bring a magazine to pass the time on the road. The scenery along the way was already familiar with and no longer fresh. […]


In life, some people are willing to compare Buddha to a boat, because they believe that Buddha can permeate all living beings. As for me, I prefer to compare life to a long river or a vast sea. Then why? Because in my life, the river and the sea are closer to our life and […]


After going upstairs, I finally refused to go downstairs. When I went up and down, sweat soaked my hair tip. The grief of the seventh floor, the seventh floor which couldn’t afford to be hurt, no longer had the mood of pushing the window and looking far away after the boat and car were tired. […]

Summer is

The pace of time can’t be stopped. Different lives are enjoying the sunshine, air and rain in their own seasons to achieve and Bloom themselves, and in different ways in the cycle of the four seasons overlapping replacement, continued accumulation, flowers and plants one year old and one withered, trees Four Seasons one ring, there […]

Let life

In fact, I like traveling as many lives in my life. I not only like it, but also am deeply obsessed with it. Especially when I go to a place with profound cultural deposits, it makes my life linger, spaced out. To be honest, I liked traveling very much since I was a child, but […]


I have long found that my words are too self-centered, and I always narrate the fortune and life around me. I can’t see the outline of the whole world, and I can’t understand many mysteries and twists and turns of the world. The understanding is too shallow and the words are too light to bear […]