In spring

In spring, Who Do You Think You Are? You are breaking the front and pulling the blue in the extreme danger. After touching his eyes and transcribing this sentence, he saw that the off-duty time was earlier. He came out from the dark corridor with silver light and stood on the famous street of this […]


In the past, festivals were the best reward. Because only when the festival comes can we have time to rest during the hard work. With the change of some professions, festivals gradually become the most boring time. Looking at the scene of crowds outside, even if you want to go out for a while, after […]


My company, my relatives, my dream company, the chain train dragged the planter and staggered forward in the field. The roar was enough to wake you up in your dream. Two dazzling rays of light shot at the end of the ground, the rear light shone on the people standing on the planter, walking back […]

In this

It is said that the city of Shenzhen is full of gold everywhere. If you are willing to loosen the soil casually, you will get unexpected gains. Therefore, there was a period of time when the troops heading south rushed to the city directly like a beginning. Shenzhen, which was directly linked to beauty, was […]


In my life, I would like to compare time to a beautiful violin more often, for the walkers in my years to listen carefully, listen to the ancient history, and listen to the ups and downs of the times, listen to the rhythm of life and the heart sounds from people’s hearts, listen to the […]

I and

I went home at six o’clock, and it happened to be when the rain was heavy. Standing beside the bus stop, waiting for the bus. Before that, I just had a phone call with my friend and joked that today I can finally spend one yuan to go home by bus. When waiting for the […]

Rain falls

Feeling a certain throb of life, always integrity a kind of desire for spring. Only with more persistence in faith can we grasp the reserve in life. Yes, in the early winter when the rain fell on my heart, I went out alone. The lonely figure, walking on the wild buildings, and even on the […]


At the end of April, start a short trip, simple luggage and simple self, simply wave goodbye. The mood of not wandering also becomes relaxed and casual. The scenery outside the window becomes different, green and warm. The city is still noisy and prosperous. The boundless grassland is boundless, sending out merciful light under the […]


There is no rain in the morning, touching the wind of May, sucking the fragrance of soil in the air, stepping on the soft wooden slow track or the green flagstones full of green grass, and moving forward as always, to find a feeling of time cycle. The dress of spring changed round after round, […]


I am a nurse, but also an ordinary woman. Although nurse is a very tired job with low social status, I still have no regrets. From the ignorance at the beginning to the ups and downs now, it seems that I am a tenacious grass. After the birth of spring and the growth of summer, […]