Literature, as the most active spirit beating in human spiritual genealogy, has always maintained the foundation of sense, wisdom and emotion of social people: either weaving the fragrant garland of pure people or digging the dark tombs of devils. Literature is also a kind of self-conscious life awareness or consciousness state, and is often regarded […]


I always want to cry! Always very blank! There is always no reason to be happy! Always very sad! Always want to vent fiercely! But the more it deposits into the belly! A season always flies fast! Flowers bright! Trees green! I! How! But my heart is becoming more and more quiet! More and more […]


The boy’s bright eyes and joyous smiling face make him particularly cute. Looking at him, I sighed in my heart: children are innocent and lovely, but as long as we measure the scores, it is abrupt like having six fingers, which is different from others. I was like a gardener who was going to have […]


For a long time, my emotions have been in a sentimental state. It is easy to touch the scene and live in love. I am very nostalgic. A novel, a TV play and a movie can easily make my tears flow, not affectation, there is no falsity, and it is indeed so real. Most of […]


I was accustomed to the delicate Jiangnan and the June when Jiangnan had been moldy until the crack of the wall. In recent years, it has gradually become plum instead of rain, but the heat is almost crazy. It’s noisy with rain, and elegant with heat and heat. I can’t control the weather after all. […]


Distance, the cause of regret; Distance, the enemy of hope; Distance, the warmth of each other …… the line spacing between books beats the desire of galloping; The estrangement between books, it is the shortcoming of the alienated journey. Thousands of books can’t cover the vicissitudes and perseverance revealed by the ragged clothes of thousands […]

Old books

In the winter vacation, there is neither snow floating in the north nor tea fragrance in the snowy night; In this place where there is a sea, it can be accompanied by the chill of warm winter and friends with the pile of old paper, looking for the spring, Xia Yang and Qiu Shi scattered […]


Vicissitudes meddle laugh fleeting, time tear drop, night broken bonds. Who is looking forward to the short life, looking forward to wasting time and pity. Sadness is like the case of blowing Jade yesterday, the desk is wasted, and there will be beauty in the dream. Inscription (because of the friends who miss the space, […]


Normally speaking, an epidemic or cold cold is not a big deal. It takes three or five days at least and ten or eight days at most, which is good. However, that kind of uncomfortable strength could not be worse. Cough, asthma, heavy head and feet, and sore body. Then go to the hospital or […]


In my time like water, I buried the edges and corners erased by years. There have been persistence, wandering, hope and helplessness. Move forward slowly and grow slowly. When I look back, many things have been blurred, but many things are still fresh in my memory. The Northeast is always like this. During the Spring […]