And Soul

Talking with the soul, being free and safe for many years, we have been escaping. Facing ourselves, we never know what to do, but I have to find that we are facing another self when I see you. Perhaps, the reason for becoming a good friend is just because of the same truth and purity. […]

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On the New Year’s Eve of the Year of Tiger, the family got off the passenger plane in Hong Kong and Hangzhou and took the bus back to Taizhou. Along the way, the boat was tired, and everyone was sleepy. There are almost no other vehicles on the highway, and it seems that only the […]


Here; I borrow a glass of wine from the ancients to respect all the people who met wrongly. May time give you self, inspiration, and slowly precipitate in the flowing years. Life is like sitting in the car window and watching the scenery. When some past events turn into memories, the rapid time brings those […]


The picture scroll of spring unfolds slowly, and the mountains and fields after rain are full of green in the sunshine bath. The breath of spring is like a fragrance with fresh grass. A bright nature, graceful and poetic. I wrote in a shallow way, turning the past that I had accumulated for many years […]

Autumn night

Somehow, I always have a kind of infatuated love for autumn nights that I can’t explain clearly. The autumn night written by Lu Xun left a deep impression on me. The so-called luxury can be seen in real Chun. The season of washing all the lead and brilliance filters out the dryness and heat of […]

Foot line

Because of taking annual leave, I went to live in the country alone. Suddenly away from the noise of the crowd and the disturbance of work, I felt relaxed and excited. I am looking forward to such a life! The Tiger should return to the mountain, the bird should return to the forest, and people […]


In our daily life, both the people and things we meet and the people we touch every day will present a lovely and charming side, of course, you have to have the aesthetic concept and pleasant eyes. For example, when a person is walking, he or she accidentally finds a small flower deep in the […]

This or

Life is a scene, sad, crying; Money is a subway, leaving, entering. Yesterday was a beautiful scenery. I forgot when I saw it. Love is a game. I’m tired of playing it. Marriage is a cup of coffee, bitter and sweet. Confusion is a state, anxious, messy. Life is a process, bitter, happy. The journey […]


Wandering in the mess, waiting in the noise, burning the sadness wasted by time and pouring down the frustration of the road. I once lingered in my dream. Boundless ancient roads, vast seas, boundless deserts and vast grasslands. The flute is melodious, the piano is mournful, the sword spirit is heroic, and the knife wind […]

In most

You once gave me the delicate red rose, which was so gorgeous that you couldn’t help crying in your eyes. Now even though there are thousands of people who don’t want to give up, you can only put this feeling aside. When I first met Fang Fei in April, I walked through the road you […]