But now I have no good impression on the city life I yearned for in the past, and even have some hatred. There are many tall buildings, heavy traffic, neon lights and shops, which symbolize the abundance of materials and the progress of society. People also seem to be enjoying full happiness. In fact, otherwise, […]


Looking back for ten years, with a flick of a finger, the years have gone through ten years in a hurry. In this period of time, struggle and struggle are the main melody of life, ten years have turned an ignorant teenager who just came out of campus into a smooth and exquisite social talent. […]


The night is already very deep. The noisy village town gradually calmed down like a tired baby. I didn’t sleep, lost sleep, and didn’t feel sleepy at all. I have asked myself for thousands of times, but I can’t find the answer at all. I only know that my heart is blocked with sulk, upset […]


Love, warmth and hope. Who is complaining that April has lost fragrance? In the empty sky, white clouds were also circling with the mood, or white pigeons waving their wings in the afternoon, because the thick clouds seemed to be wrapped by some hatred. The so-called growth seems to have no choice but to expect, […]


I couldn’t help shivering when the cool breeze blew. In fact, there is bright and hot sunshine, but for a person whose heart is already cold, even if the whole person is thrown into the vast sea of fire, he will not feel any warmth. I was like walking into the polar region. There was […]

san yue

The rain in March is soft, soft, soft, light, hazy, moist, successive, thin, itchy on the skin and bright on the tender leaves, looking from a distance, it was a piece of fog covering the top of the mountain. Looking up, I looked up and looked up at the wisps like threads and hooks, bathing […]


Walking alone on the path under the moonlight, I unconsciously brought you into a kind of beauty of the past memories. There was silence in the field, only the companionship of the moonlight that I would never give up, then there are the singing of autumn insects and several barking from time to time in […]


Spring, summer, autumn and winter. In the four seasons of the year, I am afraid that my favorite seasons are spring and autumn. Facing the spring, I have too many emotions to express, too many emotions to release and flow, and more reverie to pause in a word, the thoughts that spring brings to me […]


For Life, spring always makes people have infinite thoughts. No matter the seeds that break the ground, or the cold plum that has gone through the vicissitudes of wind and rain, even the sorrowful clouds, when they meet the spring, they are also enraptured, wandering with the sunshine, wandering with hundreds of birds. The great […]


The beating heart can’t restrain the lingering feelings always lingering in my mind, waving a wave and not waving the melancholy in my heart, so I always want to read the stars in the dead of night, so I hope to remember my mind in the grid. Take it away quietly and pray for a […]