Six Zero

People born in the middle and late 1960 s actually got the feeling of 1960 s from books when they were adults. The earliest time to enter their memory was 1970 s. After finishing the childish toddlers and babbling, I changed my open-backed pants and just got the ability to open my eyes to see […]

Written in

A man with two children doesn’t know how many roads he has to walk to recognize the responsibility on his shoulder. Up to now, I haven’t found the answer. For a long time, a woman who has no blood relationship with the children has been silently watching the growth of the two children. She surf […]


Perfectionism is a kind of aesthetic pursuit. Among many precious stones, diamonds show the incomparable spirit of King with their noble brilliance. Under the platinum accessories, it gives off a shining and charming light, which makes people excited. In life, the temperament is the same, just need a time, a distance, or a stage. Life […]

Spring Rhyme

The spring on the plateau was still cold and chilly in the ice and snow. It was not until the end of April that I felt a little smell of spring in the green light squeezed out from the corner of the wall and the cracks on the roadside. The faint green, as shy and […]

New Year

It is rare to go back to my hometown. The home of my grandparents was also the place where I remembered when I was a child. The popularity of the past was covered by a layer of dust, and the way to the door was crowded in a path, quiet, wet, secretly. The long-lost wooden […]


There is a Yongledian Town in Tongzhou, and there is a banjiuhe village in the town. A Liangshui River winds its way, standing on the Dashi Bridge across the river, and you can see a panoramic view of the fields in Hebei province. This village has many water, trees and lands, which is indeed a […]


Thinking what appreciation later 1 yue fen summary, but immediately 3 yue fen all had 1 days. Now many factories have not started yet, which will take place after the 15th lunar calendar. The Spring Festival also makes people dizzy, but no matter what, the summary still needs to be written. On the surface, many […]

Blue eye

In the season of rolling leaves and remaining edges, sadness overflows. The white clouds covered the sadness of the Angel. Did time change him or his mood? He couldn’t write clearly with a few words about his desire to speak, and the reality with broken wings made him tearful. Through the crevice of withered yellow […]

Autumn night

If there is time tunnel, let me meet Su Shi, I will talk to him in an autumn night in Huangzhou. At that time, I stood on the Chibi rock in Huangzhou, watching the rolling river beating the rock in the head of the rock, flowing thousands of years of angry waves and making a […]


The moon was bright and the night was deep. In the quiet night, I turned off the light, lit a candle and wrote down the word “pure land” under the dim light. I think there is no pure land in the noisy world. If there is, it will exist in my heart. No matter how […]