In ink

Maybe everyone has one or several unrealized dreams, which make you spend your whole life pursuing. Life is only the beauty that comes out, but not the glory that comes out. Without painstaking efforts, there would be no dazzling brilliance. I remember a story whose main idea was that there were two stones, one of […]


In Genesis, there was the beginning. God created the universe and Earth, which was chaotic and out of order. The roaring ocean was shrouded in darkness. God commanded: there must be light, the greatest creation of God appeared in Light was Adam and Eve. Since then, human beings were born and endowed them with seven […]


In the morning, I opened the window and looked around. What I saw was the dark yellow all over the mountains. Just yesterday, yes, just yesterday, the green all over the mountains and plains, how did it turn into dark yellow overnight, and time went by for another year in a hurry! Rubber tree, euphoraceae […]


When you feel depressed, you might as well take a look at articles such as Mr. Wang Meng’s serenity. Maybe under various circumstances, such articles have already been read well,, if you read the works that touch each other in different situations, the understanding of the works will be different. This kind of reading method […]

River bank

Gray sky, cold wilderness. The chill was going to break into the heart deep in the hiding place. With the wild path along the river bank, the only place is hesitant, and the twists and turns lead to seclusion. The curved path is like the tortuous road of life. No matter how sharp you are, […]

Who will

Many years ago, at the school radio station, the announcer broadcasted an article of mine, “walking on the path in the field”. Until now, I still remember a sentence in the article: I really want to live a childhood. The happy and moving girl in the article has always been in my heart and never […]

er yue

The village in February was mixed with a trace of coldness in the mild rising sun. With the alternation and lightness of spring, the winter jasmine on the roadside is a kind of light goose yellow and a kind of light sadness. The soft wind crossed the mountain and came with the fragrance of Spring […]


I am a person who doesn’t work hard. Of course, I am right if I don’t do well. Therefore, I can only say my own opinions about this text. Let me tell you the stories around me, hoping to have a feeling for you, even a little bit. Because for people who do business and […]


The most important thing in life is life. Life lies not in length, but in quality. A successful life is the perfect combination of health quotient, EQ and IQ, and the three are the important pillars of the building of life. With a little bias, the building of life will be like a tofu project, […]


Fengjie, an internet celebrity who has been silent for a period of time. This array came to the surface again. He said that he was going to run for the president of the United States, and he also wrote in his tough Chinese English: IwanttojingxuanU.S.Azongtong, which made people laugh. At that time, laughter and abuse […]