Let Go

What else can’t be relieved? Everything was fine. Walking on the cool Street, the sun was shining, and the fragrance of grains in my memory drifted from the past to this quiet autumn. I am love the land so much. As long as my shoes are stained with soil, I will feel deep happiness and […]


In the autumn of 2008, I was ill. I couldn’t eat it during the day and wanted to vomit when I was holding a bowl; I didn’t have the strength to work, so I wanted to sit still; I couldn’t sleep at night, and my stomach was bulging, like thousands of ants biting. I had […]


I once heard a saying that a person who earns 1000 a day can still earn 1000 a day no matter what industry he is asked to do. I once doubted the truth of this sentence. Gradually, I understand that many things are really related to height. Then what is the height? As a result, […]


Track, maybe many people will think of love and the mistress in marriage. But if we think about it, we will find that many things in life are related to it. For example, flower heart, for example, we often say that we are not single-minded in career. I can’t cheat on my thoughts. My sister […]


In the Midnight Dream, the sunflower planted by myself was swaying in the wind, telling me its feelings. I woke up with tears streaming down my face. I don’t know whether my old father is still watering the sunflower that I planted in front of the door by myself, or whether my old mother is […]


Time can change a lot, except for more and more nostalgia. Is it joy or melancholy that I am about to graduate? We are about to graduate. Unexpectedly, at this moment, this sentence would echo in my mind again and again. TIME witnessed my growth, but my young heart was still ignorant. Time was about […]


Yesterday, a colleague of the unit called to say that a new policy was issued for family planning. Retired cadres and workers who gave birth to an only child could enjoy a subsidy of 80 yuan per month, asking me to bring the only child certificate, retirement certificate, identity card, two one-inch Short-shot photos go […]

To word

The Flying Flowers in the dream are different, and a cup of Zen tea comforts the whole life. Some words and sentences are not filled with ink, but are taken in my arms. A period of life is not to please others’ eyes, but to perform a monologue belonging to oneself. The leading role is […]


Every time I go home, it has a different meaning. Do you still remember the scene of going home after leaving home for the first time? Is it that time to go home that always impressed every one of us? I remembered that the first time I left home was to study, which was the […]

Love Words

In confusion, we have stepped on the threshold of winter unconsciously. Time seems to be frozen, walking so slowly and so hard. The calendar beside the window was densely graffiti into a mess by ink, just like my life track in this season, in a mess. The occasional memories are always full of sadness. When […]