People often warn me when I lose my temper, hoping to take good care of myself. We should have expressed our gratitude for this series of good words and advices. However, I often think like this when I am alone: I would rather die with anger than depression! At the beginning, there were celebrities who […]


In such a morning, the sunshine is clear and cold. From the perspective of meteorology, it is early winter now. On the long street with heavy traffic, people were in a hurry. The sound of the car is noisy. This is the marketplace. It is life, real, fresh and warm. Walking alone, I suddenly felt […]


At this point, I did a very bad job indeed, because for a long time, I always went my own way, not the usual way. If advertisements say so, they will definitely not be wrong. Later, we will know that I am is totally wrong. Just like a straw, I could have chosen the price […]

wu yue

May, come to Qilian to listen to the snow! In May, the south of the Yangtze River, which is full of warblers and grasses, is already red and Willow Green. The small south of the pastoral area will encounter snowflakes unexpectedly. Walking in a world full of snowflakes, have you heard my call? There is […]


When I am free, I will make myself a cup of strong green tea, and then I will feel that life is moderate. This time is just right. After two days of light rain, today is a great sun, a strong summer outside and a light spring indoors. Drinking tea, I buried my expression in […]


It was a light Season. My friend called and said, “find a corner to filter our mood, so we walked into Zeya. I am grateful to God for giving life the texture of spring and white snow, and I still yearn for loneliness and tranquility in the noisy and contentious world. Although the world of […]


Twenty years ago, in August, 1993, at that time, the old bookstall market in Xuchang was at its peak, and most of the bookstalls were young people in my village. In addition, the paper industry in my village was in full swing at that time. Therefore, when I came back from working at the construction […]


Years quiet, time old. A landscape of a Chinese years, I chapters of a moment, shake off the story, hurrying to and sorrows, too late to appreciate a Taohong, guess Wu impenetrable leaf autumn wind, blink of an eye, with back removed the fleeting time. The quiet night, sitting in a window, open the dust-laden […]


Yesterday, I saw a piece of news on the Internet: a professional female beggar asked for traveling expenses at the Nanjing subway entrance, with an average daily income of 1,000 yuan. This news caught my attention, because it was so consistent with the prose I was about to write, I read it carefully. According to […]


Cats like eating fish, but cats can’t swim; Fish like eating earthworms, but fish can’t go ashore after all. There are too many temptations in life, but you are not allowed to get them easily. In life, you should put down what you should put down and stick to what you should stick. This journey […]