In a hurry, it had been twenty days since I went and went back. It was very fast and I had to step on the old place again, but it was also a hurry to go. I couldn’t stand half a step. Very fast, life is too fast, even sigh is helpless, after all, it […]

I don’t

Some time ago, on a literary website, I saw a member in his twenties introducing himself as a writer, thinking of someone who was almost forty years old, and he knew nothing about words, let alone any achievements, I am really ashamed. Coincidentally, yesterday, someone called me a writer in the office, which made me […]

Heart dream

If you fall in love with someone you shouldn’t love, no one can understand the scars in your heart. Facing separation, pain, betrayal and depression, I didn’t know that sadness was inevitable until the moment I began to doubt life. Some things don’t need to be asked, and some people really don’t need to wait. […]

Butterfly smell

For example, this morning, when it rained, I was lazy and at ease, sitting cross-legged, the music was open, the spring water was gurgling, The Red Maple glitter covered my whole body, my heart was upward, the Buddha’s light was shining, and I shared the essence, I also felt the pots of plants, the sofa […]

san yue

The wind in March is light and spiritual, tearing a tree flower soul; The rain in March is melancholy and dignified, pounding on the ground and falling on the ground; Moreover, the flowing water in March is lingering, sweeping away bright petals one after another. Standing in front of the peach tree, use a flute […]


I once saw the book “understand life” in my friend’s place, but I didn’t put it down when I picked it up. The content in the book was reasonable with examples, the words were simple and plain, and things were like in my ears, but the truth was profound and true. After reading it, it […]


The weather is still a little cold, the weather is good and bad, a spring snow is as tight as a spring snow. Inadvertently, the spring breeze woke up in sleep to cheer up, and began to push the plate again and again in the silent winter. The air became a little hot and turbulent. […]

si yue

In the morning of April, it was a little cold, as cold as winter. The howling north wind got into my collar, and I shivered with the freezing. If it were not for God’s desire to stay in this cold winter, it would have caused sympathy for people. Otherwise, it is the day when spring […]


This is an era of hurrying. People stick to an inch of time and an inch of gold and adjust their lives to a state of extreme speed mode. No one is willing to slow down their steps and occasionally relax. However, we earn money fast and time flies fast. Are many people the same […]

With a smile

You said with a smile, crying is also life, laughing is also life. Why not learn to relax your mind. Every time you cross one threshold after another, life will rise to another new height. When encountering setbacks and blows, maybe God will give us another chance to hone. Yes, there is no obstacle in […]