Tea is best tasted in a calm mood. A beloved purple sand teapot was filled with green tea before tomorrow. At the moment boiling water was poured into it, a wisp of fragrance came out of the room. Pour the tea made in the pot into the cup, and a stream of blue and green […]

In addition

In the past, I was always very sad and depressed, because my character was just a little sentimental. Long ago, maybe I would find a way to escape. Now I will gradually understand that there are many things that can’t be avoided. I can only choose to be strong. Because I know that some people […]


There are always some things that you don’t hate but also don’t like, and everyone will encounter such a time when you don’t hate but also don’t like. Now I am like this. Confusion is like cloud and mist. I clearly know that it is not as invincible as a mountain, but it is light […]


April is coming to an end, and the South is already full of summer. Facing the hot sun, the exquisite and unique sunshade just bought came in handy. Two days ago, Mei, a client friend from Sinkiang, walked around the jade market for a few times. The air was hot and dry, and my friend […]

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How many accidents and inevitability in life are unknown in the long journey. Maybe there will always be some unexpected surprises after passing. A few days ago, in order to evaluate the entrepreneurship competition, when the chief counselor was sorting out the materials, he accidentally found the works and awards that I guided the students […]

Do a

The candle light on the cake was swaying, and with my daughter’s tender blessing, my 46th birthday came as scheduled. My daughter laughed and asked my mother to tell the past style, so I opened the photo album. The memory then lingered and slided slowly at my fingertips. In the first photo after graduation, I […]


With the progress of society and the improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to enjoyment and life taste. The elderly aunt gathered in the community square after dinner and danced to the cheerful music; The wage earners who had been tired for a week went fishing and playing ball on weekends; […]


The sweat under the clear sky and white clouds soaked my clothes. I wanted to get rid of his bondage, but I felt more helpless. I couldn’t find the answer to what dream I wanted to look forward. I have tortured myself for countless times, but the answer becomes more and more vague. Time is […]


Stacked around the courtyard of the farm, it looks like a fence or fence. The more firewood is accumulated, the more it proves that it is a diligent family and a careful family. After all, it is the fire that ignites the life course and the necessity to cook raw rice into a mature meal. […]


The twinkling morning stars disappeared. At the first dawn in the dusk, I came from Tangshan song water. Towards that old and deep Lane, I waited in the mist of light smoke. Wait, is that apricot misty rain of monologue, wait, that a affairs such as Kam flowers. Do you still remember that affectionate encounter, […]