When I was very young, I had to invite my master to build a house at that time. Every time I invited them, our family always had delicious food, and I heard from my father that, their wages were all expensive for others, so I knew at that time. You must have a skill, so […]


I don’t know when I began to hear the first song in my life. Maybe I was born in my mother’s arms, but according to my observation, the introverted and implicit mother didn’t seem to hum hypnotic songs for me; But her grandmother, who loved talking and laughing, sang to me from time to time […]

Sun too

Basking in the sunshine of winter morning is especially warm in the mountain village. She was bright but dyed with a fiery red color, and just slipped down silently from the treetop and roof. The place where the northwest corner of the village is formed by the connection between the House and the courtyard wall, […]

Grew up

Waiting for you to understand the hope in your mother’s heart, waiting for you to know the necessity and cause of life. The days are passing through your fingertips day by day. You finally grow up slowly in your mother’s longing eyes until you have full wings and look at you, whether mother should have […]


Life is like this. As long as you are willing, no matter how busy the day is, you can always fade out a little tipsy idle time. If you are really hard to get out and enjoy, you can also place yourself in the sea of endless imagination in the moment when you are closed. […]


I like the moon in the third and fourth year of junior high school most. The moon in this winter is cold, and the eyebrows of moths are light and bright, and the girls in the whole city are cool and fragrant. Because it was winter, the bustling past was replaced by loneliness and emptiness, […]


To be honest, Taiyuan is a good place. The sky is very blue. I like Taiyuan, but I just don’t want to stay here, because I still miss my hometown very much. There are thousands of good things here, which can’t stop my homesickness. I miss my sweetheart, the cabin I rented, the place where […]


Frankly speaking, I like Chinese characters, because there are flower-like gestures and meanings behind them. Whether life is standing or lying, distant or close, it can bring people fantastic ideas. In my heart, words are the wild boat, the cloud circling the clouds, the spring is dim, the river goes to the east or the […]

For a long time

Everyone says that meeting each other is better than missing, and missing is better than long time no see. In fact, what I want to say is the next sentence: Long time no see is better than no see. In the noisy and tired city, you are tired with sweat. When you stop busy, maybe […]


Time flows like a mess, thick and slowly, bearing all the joy and sorrow. The cigarette butts between the index finger and the middle finger seemed to be filled with worries, and slowly disappeared in the endless void silently, which made people feel a little sad. Standing on the shore of time, I saw a […]