In Township

In September of 2007, due to the bankruptcy of the enterprise, the teachers of the enterprise were incorporated into the local area, and I was assigned to teach in remote rural schools. The children here are different from those in the city. It can be said that they are not as happy as the children […]


Summer rain, sometimes, has northeast man bold, and as soon as violent underground; Sometimes, also has a girls missish, in mid-air Brewing, began to 1.1 drops slowly underground. Whenever summer rain comes, it will be accompanied by lightning and thunder. The rain was like grand performances one after another, with climaxes everywhere, echoing between the […]


I remember a text I learned when I was in primary school, “Never forget to dig a well”. Although I didn’t know the word gratitude at that time. But not only do teachers educate us: to be a person, you should know your kindness and pay attention to the source. If you receive the favor […]


Brother Mao is going to publish a collection of works, and I am really happy for him. I like Brother Mao’s words. His words are clean, concise, poetic and contain philosophy, which gives me the feeling of perfect combination of sensibility and rationality. A thing that tends to be perfect always makes people unable to […]

yu yun

The child’s face changes as soon as he says it changes. The days before, it was hot and stuffy. I felt that the quilt was redundant when I slept at night, but since yesterday, God cried into tears, there was another one, but the words I wrote at this time were still blooming in spring, […]


When the rain hits the banana, the heart is like a clear stream. Standing in front of the window listening to the rain, silently recalling the traces of the years. The misty rain in the world of mortals was originally a bomb command room. Inscription I have heard of the rain in Jiangnan, which is […]

In fact

For a long time, you can still stay at home on a rare Monday. God also cooperated with me to lower the temperature, and there was no big rain. You can stay at home or sleep, this weather is the best match. When you are alone, you always like to daydream about yourself. When you […]

Love is hard

Today, when browsing the web, the QQ window suddenly flickered. God knows, I almost don’t use QQ to contact now. If there is anything, I can call directly, which is fast and convenient. I clicked the window with suspicion, and a netizen named struggle bar youth sent me a message. Is it OK recently? I […]

I and

On weekends, I invited my friends outside. Working and eating all day long, only on weekends is your own, you can arrange freely, fly freely, why not go outdoors to rest assured! We came to an unknown mountain. My friends and I lined up, closed our eyes and took a deep breath. The air was […]


Last year, I was busy coming and going, and I traveled to Xiaoxiang in the cold spring. Low flying green shore and plum rain, they went into the red building to pick up apricot beams. I can see the shallow water in the idle inkstone and the mud fragrance in the fallen flower path. No […]