No matter the thrilling rumors of drug smoking, or all kinds of performances and different images of self-harm for love in rainy nights, it seems that they cannot touch my dusty soul. Only she can return to my heart, let me quiet? Does it make me feel at ease? Only alcohol and very similar feelings […]


Out of the window, although the mountains and rivers were depressed and the grass and yellow leaves withered, the sunshine that came into sight made this thin and cool season more alive. The warm sunshine poured down, with a hint of enchanting in its brightness, warming the mountain, warming the water and warming the cool […]


Although an interesting story in school has reached a certain age, it will become much indifferent to what I have met and seen in front of my eyes. Besides, I am also a person with great thoughts, I could have seen more light clouds and breeze. However, I still have some feelings about what happened […]


Life is a long and arduous journey. Alternation in different seasons, interweaving in different life attitudes, driving in different life goals, life presents different travel feelings. The journey is used to experience the happiness of life, such as high mountains and flowing water, blue sea and blue sky, red flowers and green willows, pavilions and […]


A simple living in two places miss living in the Corps miss hometown, go back to hometown miss Corps, two hometowns can not be forgotten, really a simple living in two places miss. He came to the Corps in the 1970 s. After decades of life, he had already regarded the corps as his hometown. […]


I am a relatively simple person, it can be said that there is no requirement for material at all, so before a relatively early time, I would think about letting others be the same as me. Do what you like to do, focus on your own concentration, and don’t think about the essential things. But […]


The road is very common in many people’s eyes. Isn’t it the road? It is necessary to walk every day. Is it worth mentioning? Ordinary? Muddy? Beautiful? Tortuous? What I want to say may be a mental path. Since the first grade, we have carried small schoolbags to the school by ourselves. Our home is […]


Spring Festival is the grandest traditional festival of the Chinese nation, which is called by the general public. Years can be said Chinese nation, customs overall consistent-reunion, rejoice! However, the specific details are different. For example, the previous festival customs in Nanyang Basin in southwest Henan have other interests. Nanyang basin located in Han River […]