Two tree

I didn’t come to the office for more than twenty days, but I felt a sense of desolation. A thin layer of gray covered the floor, windowsill, office tables and chairs, as well as computers and computer tables like gauze. Pushing the door open, standing for a while, looking at these objects that have followed […]


There are still some days when the New Year’s Day of 2015 comes. An impatient acquaintance sent a text message to celebrate the new year. The message of the festival rhymes in accordance with the rut and is smooth and auspicious. You turn to me, I turn to you, and finally I can’t figure out […]


In January of 2014, my wife and I, and of course the old people of both sides, were worried about one thing and looking forward to it. This worried expectation was continued from the only hope several years ago. My wife and I are at the same age. She is five days older than me […]


In my memory, my mother did a very good job in needlework, especially the embroidery she painted, which was far and near and a little famous. There are many kinds of shoes my mother cut, especially the Tiger-toe shoes, tiger-toe socks and tiger-head gloves which cover children’s eyes (the embroidered eyes are not convex and […]

At least

Lin Yilian also has at least one lyric in you: and you are here, which is the miracle of life. In fact, the miracle in life is more than just you. The miracle in life is because of you. Today, because of his carelessness when taking the bus, his wallet was taken away by someone […]


Life is full of happiness and sorrow. No one only likes or not, and no one only worries or not. Life is originally a wave of wind and rain, sometimes roaring and shouting, sometimes silent. Can not be plain sailing, impossible moon. On the way, it is inevitable that sometimes you will encounter ups and […]

Buried butterfly

Wen/Leng Meng Yu is supported by the gentle breeze. The years are like water passing away, and the flowers bloom and fall. I don’t know where to go to the vast sea of people. For whom does the heron fly and dance? Breaking out of the cocoon, the beauty of the whole city, lamenting if […]


It is close to the end of the year, and even many places in the south where snow is rarely seen are affected by heavy snow. Some people call this winter the coldest winter in history. The outdoor is ice and snow, a Looks White. Sitting in the warm room, looking at the confused world […]


Many times at a loss, I closed my eyes lightly in the night, and let my thoughts run wildly in the blood, burning every nerve, twisting my bone marrow, but I felt painful but could not cry, if you want to sink, you will sink thoroughly. If you want to sink, you will sink happily […]


Immediately after the injection of anesthetic, the right face lost consciousness, as if it was stiff, as if it was swollen. Only half of the tongue is inspired, and I can’t speak clearly. I was a little scared. The doctor said, relax. It’s okay, which means everything is normal. I lay there with my eyes […]