The change of mood may come from the epiphany at a certain moment, such as a blow, a roar of a lion, or a sobering feeling; Or it may come from the subtle silent gradient accumulated over time. The former can see clear life, while the latter can better understand life. With the growth of […]


Farewell! My 2014 stood at the ferry at the end of the year. I waved my hand gently and said reluctantly: Goodbye! My 2014! Looking back on the past, the boundless clouds and water. This year, I experienced ups and downs, seclusion and darkness, ups and downs. Once the sea changed; Once tears streaming down […]

Take what

Time passed away unconsciously from his own life, and the changing numbers on the calendar and the growing old faces of his parents overlapped together uncontrollably in the rolling of the time gear. A kind of loss from the bottom of my heart tortures the soul. If time has never passed and my parents are […]

And you

Gently lift a corner of Spring, spread a pool of ink fragrance, and banish love with the tapping of your fingertips. 55 bright and vivid smiling faces gradually became clear and fresh in front of my eyes with the joys and sorrows of the words, and spoke to me gently. China is an ancient country […]


During the Spring Festival this year, the son who hadn’t received the coming-of-age ceremony suddenly bought a silver ring for his wife with his lucky money. When I was having dinner that night, when my son handed a small red box with exquisite packaging to my daughter-in-law and said that he wished my mother a […]


Life is really a wonderful existence. Sometimes, when I was thinking about something, I suddenly saw something related. Can I also regard it as a wonderful gift! In recent days, my mind was not calm, so I started to stay and occasionally thought about something dimly. What is a dream? What does my dream look […]


I sat in the dark night. In fact, I was also afraid of being swallowed by the dark night. In others’ eyes, I am really strong. But others don’t know that I am weaker than anyone else. Inscription my height is 168, and I have spent more than two years in double ten years, damn […]


If possible, I hope that I will not have the blood of the emperor or the world in the next life. I only wish that I will come with you in spring, flowers in summer, moon in autumn and snow in winter. Do a madding crowd of Mandarin duck. — Inscribing that world, the seven […]


Looking back on yesterday’s floating clouds, today has already gone with the wind. Stepping into a new step, looking back at the past footprints behind him, looking at the long steps ahead, I was a little confused, but I still had to walk on with my scalp. Life is nothing more than a road that […]


The graduation reception was held in a restaurant. After the dinner, the classmates who were as friendly as hands and feet for several years were going to go their own way. Some people were afraid that they would never see each other again in their lives. In the campus in July, there was a deep […]