The Read

At present, there are so many media available for reading. E-books, blogs and microblogs are all available, and everything you want to see is ready-made. WeChat alone is enough to make people in a hurry. 24 hours a day, in addition to eating and sleeping, watching without stopping, there are also different contents. Where can […]


Light, I always like this word. Compared with the strong fragrance, I prefer the faint fragrance, which seems to be the faint fragrance soaked into my heart with breath if there is nothing, which can make the dispirited spirit tremble in the long wonderful fragrance. The light moon stream is light, and the sparse plum […]

The early

Don’t mention the little emperor, it is just a picture that is arbitrary and unreasonable and can do nothing, only asking for and not working. With the change of the environment, the little emperor’s later life will also show a different life. In 1985, an article entitled “A large group of little emperors” was published […]


Autumn always gives people the same feeling as spring. The Steps of spring are light, just like a young girl in the beginning of love, gentle and shy. Snowflakes flying all over the sky knock at the door of spring, the silent drizzle, bathing in all things, revived, birds singing together, flowers blooming, picturesque, beautiful. […]


At night, a man searched the TV station aimlessly to watch some good TV series, and occasionally turned to the TV series “How to Play”. The sweet smiling faces of male and female hosts attracted me, I continued to read the story, and the plot was too much to stop. I was moved by the […]


Another gloomy day, sitting in front of the window, stunned. With a long breath of relief, I didn’t sigh off my gloomy mood like the weather. He began to blame himself for his sentimental feelings and his nature as a liberal arts student. My heart was so stuffy that it was like feeling that some […]


Life is like this. You will encounter another ditch after crossing this threshold. It is too late to prepare your luggage. The new journey blows the horn of advance. Hurry and hurry. The hurry seems to be added. If you want to stop the tight spring, you can’t stop it. You can only walk along […]


As the saying goes, on February 2nd, the dragon raised its head means that everything recovers after the sting, and the Dragon managing the water will start to work. People wash their hair and cut their hair to expect good luck and good luck. This has been a folk custom lasting for hundreds of years. […]