In the early days, I seldom thought about the problem of high heels and low heels. I thought more about different mountains, different landscapes, and different mountains and rivers. But sometimes, if you think about it seriously, you can still be more profound. For example, what a person feels when standing on the top of […]

A drop

A drop of Tears was almost sitting in the office at four and a half minutes ago. Today, when I got out of the office by bus and walked to the north and south of Labor Road, I suddenly saw the window, it turned out to be like the glow of the setting sun shining […]

I am

There are countless friends with floating students, among which there are also some deviants and unruly people. Naturally, there will be a few different from ordinary people. One day, after hearing his story told by a close friend, he sighed a lot because of many sighs, and because he was a comrade, so he wrote […]


If the end of darkness is the morning light. I would rather be the lamp holder between heaven and earth, waiting in the dark cold night until dawn. Inscribing a happy period like a dream is my expectation for life. There will always be such moments in the mood. There is no important reason, but […]


About recalling one of the greatest advantages of friends gathering is that you can freely exchange all kinds of pictures fixed in each other’s memory. Everyone has an extraordinary story, just like those heavy raindrops in those years, leaving different marks on this noisy land. However, with the alternation of time and time, the exchange […]

Let fatigue

After a sleep, the sun outside the window shone into the room. The sun that had not been seen for many days finally showed a smiling face, which added a lot of warmth to this changeable spring. I don’t know what’s going on this spring, especially the cold air is not good either. People stay […]

Years Kong-style

Years ago, the city where the city was located issued the strictest double ban in history. Fireworks and firecrackers were forbidden in urban areas, and several violators were detained. For the blue sky, I also raised my hands to approve. But when spring comes, I always feel less. Think about it carefully. Maybe it was […]


2015 spring is coming, I still feel 2014 cold. Chill hung windows, image of a piece of the rape of the Golden. I am looking forward to the flourishing scene of thousands of trees in front of the sick trees. After a long winter, who would scruple about the chilly coldness of spring. Expectation is […]


Jing Nan has been studying Chinese painting for some time. Although the friends in the class still can’t name each other, they have gradually become familiar with each other and become active in their spare time. Jing Nan painting class is in every Saturday night of between six and eight, I usually in 7.5 around […]


What I said about going to the countryside was neither a leisurely trip to the countryside, nor a trip to the countryside with this position and identity. This kind of going to the countryside is a short-term going to the countryside. Players going to the countryside play happily and inspectors going to the countryside drink […]