It is another New Year, New Year’s Day, sunny day, everything seems so peaceful, good years must have a good omen, such a good time, but I like to lie on the bed lazily and watch variety shows, I can feel the wonderful joy of talking about gods. As time passes by, I also have […]


Quiet and beautiful autumn leaves, light snow, maybe in this way you have the opportunity to feel the artistic conception of clear water and light clouds, and open up your own quiet sky in the hustle and bustle. We don’t do the gloomy clouds, but only the clouds scattered at any time at the height […]

I read

As a literary person, I always love reading books. Whenever and wherever I see a good book, I fondle admiringly to keep it away so that I can’t tolerate any stain. Most of my studies were literature, taking other aspects into consideration. However, among contemporary writers, Jia Pingwa was the only one who loved me. […]


Walking on the night road in the countryside, there was only a dim light more than a hundred meters away, and one or two of the two or three lights were usually blind, so most of them were still walking in a daze. When you meet a lamp, you will feel relaxed in your heart. […]


The potted plants on the balcony are already Green, and the first open rose flower is decorated in it. The weather is surprisingly good, blue sky and white clouds, and the sun is shining. On such a beautiful Sunday afternoon, I intended to sit on the balcony and read the Godfather again, but the good […]

Cool Autumn

In recent days, it rained several times one after another, and the weather gradually turned cooler. As people say, an autumn rain and a cold rain. At this time, people changed from short-sleeved shorts to long-sleeved trousers, and the season also changed from mild light autumn to chilly mid-autumn festival. Although the climate has changed […]


In December, my family welcomed the decoration of the new house. In the process of decoration, I was faced with the Centralized Purchase of all kinds of decorative materials. In this process, I had to contact with all kinds of dealers. I found that I didn’t even know myself. I usually ask several stores of […]

I use

I love literature. I don’t know when I began to fall in love with literature and regarded it as the pursuit of my whole life. In the big family of literature, I especially like prose, reading prose and writing prose, I had an incomprehensible love with prose. I think this kind of complex originates from […]


The weather was cold on 12.6. Early in the morning, take bus No. 30 to go to Hefei from Feixi County. Inside the car, the air conditioner was warm, just like the feeling of spring; Outside the window, there was white light on the cold and condensed Road, and a cleaner wearing a yellow coat […]


I have been having a headache these days. Yesterday, the Sunny Sun. One person, moved a small stool, made a cup of tea, sat in the sun, and the sunshine was warm and caressed, warm and lazy, thinking nothing and doing nothing, which made my mood numb, let time frames. Thoughts slowly float, aimlessly. The […]