Ru Lake

“Memory of Ru Lake” Ru Lake, there is no lake. It is just an ordinary place name in Jiangnan water town. There is a river in Ru Lake, which runs through the whole town from north to south, merged into Yao River through horses and flowed to the East China Sea. I still can’t call […]

Take in

Why do you want to write this article? I am made for love. Today, I just saw the news of the death of Yao Zhenhan, a famous writer. It has been more than four months since his death, and I am still very sad. Because I am his enthusiastic readers, I like his writing style […]


Yes, from the perspective of life, I am an extremely simple person, as simple as flowing clouds. I didn’t do it on purpose, but when there were so many people with me in the years, I didn’t know why they felt ashamed and ashamed. Then in that case, I will be at ease and be […]

And Soul

Run away with your soul and let go of all the obstacles. On the day of fireworks and smoke, the unpredictable heart drowned too much purity. Like lotus-like early heart, is 1.1 points lost in the sludge, too much body not from already, hypocritical expression erosion with true thoughts, stiff smiles and flashing eyes gave […]

For you

Know? Jing Nan, after learning that you got double hundred points in the first final exam, and only two students in the whole class got this good result, how proud of your father’s I am? I wrote this paragraph on WeChat: You said that you would take the exam tomorrow, and you were a little […]


Get up at five o’clock in the morning, simply prepare breakfast and her daughter’s Chinese food, have breakfast quickly, then set out and go straight to several stations in the provincial capital. At 06:15, I finally sat on the coach and sat next to an old lady who was very rich-looking. Her white hair was […]

Of the wind

I don’t like the wind, it always blows up my hair and touches my thoughts. I don’t like the wind, which is sometimes gentle and sometimes violent. It is like an abnormal neurologist who is emotionally unstable and always gives some troubles with toughness. I don’t like the wind. When I think of the weak […]


When people reach middle age, the past events are played back in their minds like movies. Some people say that recalling the past is a manifestation of aging; Others say that recalling is the dissatisfaction with the current life and the beautiful memory of the past; I think recalling the past is the enjoyment of […]

Flower and fruit

I am Monkey King, I am king of Qi Tian, I am Flower and Fruit Mountain Water Curtain Cave master between mental confusion, these words are like pithy formula, deep into the chaotic brain. When I woke up, it was not dawn yet. I remembered this formula skillfully, but most of the situation in my […]


When a few drops of rain fell into the neck which had been naked for a summer, the warm skin began to feel a little chill, unlike the summer, when the naked arms and feet were still greeted with their heads looking up happily in the rain, let the rain wet the face and clothes […]