Years Kong-style

The red envelope was wrapped in a thick feeling of licking the slips, which had nothing to do with the amount or thickness. It only expressed the hope of the elder by the children in the spring of the year. On the morning of New Year’s Eve, Jing Nan opened her eyes and looked at […]


Follow the wind-winter this is a winter with freezing degrees below zero. The dense solid yellow sand over the city shuttles back and forth in the dry air, and several Crows pass by from time to time. Wires interlaced like spider webs made people scared, and the shadows pulled by the crowd when they rushed […]


The photo is fixed at the age of twenty. Crystal Crystal eardrops and slanting bangs complement each other. I think there are probably countless people who covet your beauty. The black frame glasses perfectly decorated your pretty and slightly bookish face. Your steps are so light, every step is jumping the joy of youth. The […]


I had to rectify my mood and return to the unit. Good times are always so limited and short. In my own time, my heart was relaxed and free to sit for 80,000 miles a day. My heart is far away without moving. I have returned, but my heart is still far away. I picked […]


Confucius said: the benevolent Leshan, the wise happy water. My heart is kind, so it is Leshan; Although it is not smart, it is also happy. Therefore, I love the mountain and water in Zibo most. Most of the mountains in Zibo are concentrated in the southern mountain area. With Boshan, Yiyuan and the south […]


At noon yesterday, I went to see Ulysses, standing beside my colleague’s case and looking at Ulysses; After a little browsing, I couldn’t understand where its epic performance was, but I just felt those strange emotions jumping freely in time and space, those dark and heavy light inside human nature. In my own nation and […]


The town called to tell me that today is Lantern Festival, and don’t forget to eat tangyuan. I have been studying in Hangzhou for half a year, and I still have a close relationship with my friends. Although we all have warm smiling faces when we meet, I always feel that there is no warm […]


A day in the morning, spring. Season waits for no man, spring wins gold. Spring is the beginning, and it is also the hope. Spring is thriving. Spring is colorful. Spring is a lovely doll, which spreads Green into the earth. The grass is green, and the green trees are full. We meet with spring […]


In China, many literati and poets have a unique love for the four gentlemen of plum orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum, whether it is arty or not, or to express sorrow for creating new words. In a word, these things have their own meanings and values in their eyes. Speaking of literati, it is far from […]


The night wind was rolling with drizzle, sometimes fast, sometimes slowly. The sound of waves seemed to be the foot sound of spring, as if spring was wandering around us. She came here on foot, crossing mountains and rivers all the way, always coming late. She was dressed in gorgeous costumes, dancing while walking, dancing […]