(1) I like the night, the quietness, leisure and distance of that night, and the winter night is more permeated with deep warmth. Winter is coming, the vegetation is withered, the Earth is in depression, and the air is cold and dry. Winter Night Market deserted, night market snub. Because of the Depression and cold […]


Buddhism says: Only by looking back for 500 times can we pass by in this life. Then, how many times of praying and looking back can we exchange for mutual dependence and companionship? Accompanying is a kind of fate; Keeping together is a warmth. No matter the edge is deep or shallow, do it and […]


I like the wind, and I like the style when the wind starts. At the beginning of the wind, the grass, which was as quiet as a virgin, seemed to be creaking on the waist, and immediately danced with joy; The air around was no longer empty, and there was a layer of chestnut in […]

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I like listening to the dream of winter. Although the wilderness is still full of ice and snowy countryside. After leaving the incense, I missed and played, and remembered the silhouette of the past. He Zeng held hands in hand, and the Horn of the sheep was flat in the mist; The reserved daughter, the […]

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Time came to today again, but we were in a hurry. I always feel that there are too many too late. After another whole year, except sadly finding that there was another year less in my life, there was nothing else. Why do you use the word “mix”? Since I was a child, I thought […]


A few friends followed the time very well. They came to my home one after another with pipe pliers, rhinestones and other tools used to install heating before. Several friends were quite capable. I prepared the dishes and put them on the table. The heating pipes of the four rooms and the four groups of […]


Time is like the wind, and it flies away in a flash, leaving a lasting feeling. Just like a stream passing through a stone, it seems that there is no trace, but the real situation is that the water has carved the temperature into the heart of the stone, only waiting for a casual moment […]


Confusion, hesitation, loneliness, decline, these words are always reflected incisively and vividly in my life. What’s wrong with this world? Why do you give people such feelings. Everyone is like a headless fly ant fighting for something invisibly. I wish this kind of world would not be recognized by the world, but the reality seems […]

It was said that there was no need for someone to guard the gate of hell. As long as they were willing to go, the gate was open and welcomed at any time. It was said that there was a gate of the South heaven in heaven, which was not only heavily guarded by troops, […]

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I have imagined my appearance after graduating from college for many times. I don’t think I will change. I haven’t imagined myself wearing a suit and tie formally in several books, then I wandered on the street with my briefcase on my back; I thought it should be denim shorts with a slim-fit T-shirt, and […]