Narration is so sad and beautiful. If it is not the amazing intelligence, it is difficult for narration to be free and unrestrained; Ordinary narrators still need to lay out the ways and methods of planning articles, so as to make up their weaknesses with this skill. Of course, speaking ways and methods may still […]


At night, I was bathing in the gentle night breeze, wandering alone beside the jiushui River in Dexing, watching the colorful night scene and feeling the night of the small city. Under the decoration of decorative lights, the tranquil jiushui River is like a colorful brocade with various styles, colorful and charming scenery. The flowing […]

The self-

Alas! I am so lonely! There are few lonely people like me in the world. The thoughts and souls of the rest are all suspended in the desolate and empty environment. They want to blend in the world but cannot blend in. They can be called the marginal people of the society! People in this […]

The Love

I am a person who loves dreaming. As long as you close your eyes and enter the sleep state, the strange dreams will follow. However, I have had many dreams, and I still don’t remember them. I once wanted to write a book, which was called remembering dreams, but I never wrote a pen to […]


Youth, lost but no longer exists lucky who can speak about youth accurately, what is youth? Is it energetic, decadent and irritable, or capricious? We hold the youth in our hands and squander it wildly. We always pretend to be very old, as if we have seen through the hot and cold world. In fact, […]


In the morning, I was called by birds again. Seeing the fallen leaves outside the window dancing gracefully, it startled the autumn wind for a while. The scattered ferns were dotted in it, and the leisure of evacuation came into being. Therefore, I lit it with a cigarette, sat idle, listened quietly to the sound […]


I have been working outside for 12 years, and I have also been a wanderer for 12 years. My mother and I are far away from each other. Naturally, we are far away from each other. Only when I come back can we get together. Looking back at the beginning, once I disclosed my return […]


Night unexpected, like a young girl dressed in black gauze, she pulled over a similar waiting, as if they were occupied by emptiness until a round of bright moon silently stared at me. I was shy and dare not look at me, but the strong attraction forced me to have looking at her several times, […]

Old Well

Beside the ancient well, there were a lot of weeds, thorns all over, cobweb sealed the wellhead, Moss covered the well edge, and the ancient well in front of us lost its former fragrance, which made people sad. This ancient well has a history of over 100 years, which is less than 200 meters away […]

Look Back

One person, it is difficult to live. What is the difficulty? Difficulty is something that is closely related to the soul. Living in a simple sense is difficult, not difficult, the difficulty is to accept the misfortune given by fate calmly and endure the helplessness of many days in the long years. Tolstoy said, life […]