Night Micro

Difficult to meet when BIE Yinan, Dongfeng unable flowers residue. To death to make silk, wax torch Ashes tears. Xiao Jing but worried about changing the temples. Singing at night should feel cold moonlight. There is no way to go to Penglai. Qingniao is dedicated to exploring. ——– Inscription yesterday, it snowed heavily all over […]


Do what you like and focus on for a lifetime, just like loving someone. There will always be an echo when you love someone for a lifetime. Xiao Chan said that the days are too slow now. He doesn’t drive because he can’t and doesn’t want to learn. Don’t watch TV, newspapers, popular magazines, don’t […]


In winter, thousands of mountains and birds fly away, thousands of paths and people disappear, it is the night when the sky is about to snow, it is leisure to drink a cup of nothing, it is the bright moon shining on the snow, the wind is strong and mournful, it was the sorrow of […]


Current position: Prose> prose essay> mood prose> call from Lotus Lake-go to Dazhou to participate in the literature creation of young and middle-aged writers in Sichuan province in 2014, hold my hand and restrain my half-life madness Association, kiss my eyes, cover my half-life wandering Lotus out of the silt but not dyed, to show […]


When I moved, some friends showed great interest in a gray tunic suit at the bottom of my leather suitcase. I knew that there were doubts in their interests, so I talked about my complex of Chinese tunic suit. This is a gray tunic suit with four symmetrical pockets up and down, all of which […]


Life like? Some people will say that it is like a winding river, never looking back; Some people say that it is like climbing mountains, one by one, high and low; Others say that it is rowing, I will not make comments here on the ups and downs of these speeches, either right or wrong. […]


Friends knew that I liked the nature, especially the mountains, rivers and plants in the nature, so they sent a message to strongly tempt me, saying that the azaleas on the Siming Mountain had blossomed and were everywhere. Siming Mountain is a peaceful place I often go. I have set foot in every mountain road […]


I thank God for his favor. I know that although I have experienced a lot, I am still lucky in general, but the pressure and happiness brought by this kind of luck are superficial. I can’t really be happy. What age brings me is not growing up, but learning to hide, show people with cold […]


Every girl is qualified to have a pair of high heels to lead them to find a happy platform. When we were young, we always stood by and watched our mother go out wearing high-heeled shoes quietly. Our little heart was full of fantasy, imagining the happiness of wearing high-heeled shoes, just like a princess […]


The greatest luck in life is neither picking up money nor winning a prize. It is someone who can recognize and appreciate you, so as to reach out and take you to your own platform and reflect your own value. Even if it is a pearl, it needs to be polished before it can bloom. […]