The night rain in southern China is melancholy and lonely. Clouds hung over the night at four o’clock in the morning, and the community at night was like an ink painting. The street lamp decorated with the night had gone out, and the black night seemed to splash thick ink on an ink painting. When […]


The world is too big and we are too small, so we don’t understand the world, but we have to understand ourselves and live a happy life. —- Inscription is like this world, a closed harbor. Here, there is sufficient moisture, rich nutrition, comfortable environment and vast space. You don’t have to worry about the […]

A ray

In the morning sun, the first rays of bright light opened the silent night curtain, and quietly stayed in the brightness of the day. All creatures woke up from a deep sleep and slowly began to busy their own affairs. There is not much noise. There are not too many complicated things bothering me. Everything […]


Today is the last day of 2012. It is windy and sunny. Sitting in the warm Hall, I took a look at my mood. I felt both slight loss and deep warmth in my heart. The cycle of four seasons, spring, summer, autumn harvest, winter collection. Isn’t life like this? At this age, we have […]


Writer Lu Yao once said this sentence before his death: Life can be ordinary, but life can not be ordinary. Yes, this can be understood as Lu Yao’s belief in his whole life, which is the portrait of his life and life. Indeed, Lu Yao in life is very ordinary, and he is an authentic […]

Large White

The big white elephant in Dan city almost became the synonym of Xiangshan. Anyone who has been to Xiangshan cannot be considered as a real person who has been to Xiangshan if he doesn’t know the big white elephant. In my impression, I am afraid that a sculpture has such a close relationship with a […]


Finally, after several capricious sandstorms, the spring breeze restrained its unruly temper and rushed into the embrace of the Earth impatiently. The Earth forgave the capricious nature of the spring breeze with her kind motherhood, she opened her mind and let the spring breeze be angry with her warm belly. As if overnight, fresh grass […]


Walking on the road outside the village in the sunshine against the cold wind, white clouds walked like sheep on the top of the mountain in the snow-covered mountains. The wilderness was in depression, and the withered weeds made a sound of scrape in the wind, in winter, he dragged his hands of early spring […]

Love is

Happiness has nothing to do with wealth, status and money, but has something to do with love. Happiness comes with love, and love is the source of happiness. When you become rich, have money, and even have status, it doesn’t mean you are happy. Just satisfying your vanity, your heart is not comfortable. With material, […]


The labor union of the unit held a reading Conference. The chairman asked me to talk about the feeling of reading. I was driving Ducks to the shelves, because I didn’t read more books than everyone else. But the chairman was very overbearing. He insisted on asking me to say that I dare not say […]