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When I came back to my hometown recently, I had to sort out some old things. The spider web at the door of that cabin had been torn apart by the wind and rain, and I felt a little sad in my heart. I had been traveling outside for so many years, the soul has […]


Maybe I stayed in the city for a long time, and I was tired of the industrialized night sky. Whenever I could see the stars in the sky, as pure as the innocent memory of my childhood, I stubbornly slept without pulling the window, it is like sleeping with stars and falling into a dream, […]


(2014 nian 3 yue 12 ri. I can’t sleep at night because of drinking a little. On the Internet, I have been paying close attention to the news that Malaysia Airlines lost its passenger plane, pondering deeply and pondering with imagination to write this article) the nightmare of violence and fear in Kunming has not […]


Hearing people talking about the characters’ mental journey in The Legend of Miyue, the story is permeated with more emotion and heart tightly tangled and interceded, which is like the first sight when spring blossoms and catkins are dancing, it is also like the warm embrace under the hazy Autumn Moon and the lingering feeling […]

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Now, except for us, it is estimated that no third person knows that I am doing something that I think is meaningful. If have seen the daughter thief “the series, drama in a detail to lodge black paint bench this 4 words, I believe we just like me not unfamiliar, it originates from the meaning […]


Every time I walked into the exhibition hall and looked at the paintings of famous artists, I sighed. When others are drawing, I often feel inferiority when I am appreciating. I don’t know what I draw, and I still update in the space every day. Childhood sowed art great lovers years pursued. From drawing with […]


The Alley of shikumen in Shanghai was narrow, secluded and long. The residents living in this small Qiankun, no matter how embarrassed they were, the seven things to open the door must be arranged properly. It is fast and convenient for breakfast. Eating instant rice can not be separated from salty dishes. Shanghai mommies who […]


Now, the first thing to do after getting home from work is eating every day. Every time you sit at the dining table, you will think of your mother’s words. Chewing the meal cooked by her mother-in-law, thinking of her mother’s words in her heart, a feeling called happiness came into my heart. Yes, I […]


June was originally a blooming summer with red flowers and green grass. Why is the Yangtze River sobbing? Rainy but the sky is sad? What is the reason of a ship with more than 400 people suddenly turning over? Why the first time was not to send out a signal for help, but the captain’s […]


I have never seen wisteria. I live in the cold and remote north. In the dream of half asleep and half awake, purple flowers are covered with winding vines. It is not as gorgeous as Peony, but dazzling and brilliant. It is not as straightforward as the summer sunshine, dazzling and dazzling. It flows with […]