Writer, what a sacred word! How many dreams of boys and girls! When I was young, I also had a writer’s dream. Wasting time makes many dreams turn into a wisp of light smoke, drifting away with the wind, leaving the dream empty. The reality is full of bones. Writers are already like mirages in […]


Strolling on the streets of Xi’an in the early morning, the whole road was quiet, just like this sleeping city; The French phoenix tree took pains to set the background for me all the way. I saw the constant light and the posters on the wall, I saw the park bench that kept me and […]


Recently, I have the opportunity to live in an urban fringe village. A marketplace livelihood breath, a little small Jasper-like feeling. When I work near here, I often have leisure time, day or night, my steps and eyes are lingering over and over again. I want to see through the survival and the reason and […]


Many people say that the older you are, the more addicted you are to recalling the past. With the coming of Laba Festival, a song I sang while dancing rubber bands with my little sisters when I was a child. Don’t be greedy for your wife. After Laba is the year. With childlike tone, I […]

Cold winter

Leaning against the warm sun of the fleeting years, choose a crossing where the wind rises, let the long hair rise with the wind, and touch the words in the bottom of my heart with a little bit, what is the vicissitudes of wind and frost on the temples? The book is a piece of […]

And book

Reading is a kind of happiness, fun and enjoyment. Last autumn, the school encouraged teachers to read books and learn to build a scholarly campus. The opportunity was rare. I read the dream of new education written by Professor Zhu Yongxin. The book is divided into ten chapters, talking about ideal moral education, ideal intellectual […]

To left

Look at you on the left and see you on the right. Yingshan red flowers on your cheeks, bringing surprises of the mountains in spring. Yun Yan Yi Yi, gently bring away the tiredness, bring a light bamboo forest clear sound. Bamboo shoots are pecking through the soil, peeping at the lingering face of the […]


It is a common saying that you can’t be old any more when spring comes to July. Spring has been established for a long time. I don’t know how much water is warm, let alone in March. This spring is warm, from the beginning of the year. Diligent, we caught a lot of eels and […]

Years Kong-style

My hometown is like a gas station. When I am physically and mentally exhausted, I always want to stop and rely on it to save the power to travel again. My hometown is like a bosom friend whom I haven’t met for a long time. When I am full of joy, I always want to […]


Youth, you are walking on campus, listening to your favorite song, thinking about my favorite person, it is good to have you! Inscription time flows quietly beside me, and leaves fluttering in the distance directly fall into my heart. That is my continuous yearning for you. Flowers bloom and fall, and clouds are rolling. Everything […]