The colder the outside is, the warmer your presence is, and I am warm in my dream. The vicissitudes of time you are still, my dream; The past is here, and the future is forever, my dream. When the storm strikes, I hide in your smile, I smile in your smile, my dream. You will […]


The steps of the season never make people suspicious. Day and night are divided equally, cold and sudden heat are scattered and stacked, which is the most real given by nature. All senses, they are all telling about the vitality of life, which is endless. —— Inscription the sunshine in the morning is as usual, […]

Maternal love

Only mothers are good in the world, and children with mothers are like a treasure, throwing into their mother’s arms and enjoying happiness —– inscription every time when hearing this song, they will sing softly with the melody, when singing to the emotional place, there will always be some liquid wet the eyes. Mom, the […]


My night was different from the night that people used to understand consciously. Of course, my night was not as fashionable as that night in the music circle. However, that night was a night that I have a deep impression on my life and can hardly forget till now. That night, I felt so lonely […]


Qingming random miss little cousin — Heaven happiness the rain of April was scattered down, standing in front of the window, I looked at the thin rain, I don’t know how good the little cousin in heaven is? Whether it is lonely or not, whether it is still so young and bright. Ten years, life […]


I always wanted to write an article to encourage you to take the college entrance examination, but because of your mood, I had to give up every time. The college entrance examination will be held tomorrow. You told me that it would be the last time for you to write a composition. I think it […]

That a

Every time I read Ma Zhiyuan’s poem “Tianjing Sha Qiu Si”, I couldn’t help thinking of the Brook at the gate of my hometown, which treasured too many past memories of my childhood, after twenty or thirty years, the Brook has already become a vast pool of water, and the past has also become my […]


Sometimes, I feel comfortable when tasting a cup of hot tea alone. My hometown is used to drinking that small cup of tea. Although it is very troublesome to drink one cup after another, it has a charm, which liberates my mind and body. I don’t know why it can change a lot in a […]

Years Kong-style

Finally, they kept disappearing from my sight. I squatted reluctantly on the horse-tied stone at the gate of the street, crying secretly. When I woke up, the corner of the pillow was gently wet by tears. The crying in my dream would not disturb many people, but the heartbreaking sound could only be heard in […]


When I was in high school, I looked forward to the life in college, thinking that I could not face boring textbooks all day long and the days accompanied by exercises every day in college. I really want to relax, free, without any constraints. When I was in college, it was really as cool as […]