How many people laugh, actually not out of happiness, but a simple expression. This is because they put down their pain and warm others with their own smiles. They use them to get love. Release is a choice of life, a kind of purification of soul and a sublimation of personality. Fallen leaves give up […]


I was deeply moved by his wise language when I read “See or Not” written by Tanaka jiatuo for the first time. This poem interprets a kind of unregretful love. When love reaches a high level, you will love it, or don’t love me. Love is there, no increase or decrease. Can-neutral? What kind of […]


One night in late autumn, there was no cloud in the blue sky, and a full moon lingered alone in the sky. Xu Wenqiang leaned against the handrail, looking at the lonely moon, thinking silently in his heart: at this time, he was already as popular as the sky in Shanghai. But although Shanghai was […]


The Double Ninth Festival is now Double Ninth Festival, and the weather is warm and sunny today. Long River, blue waves, shore trees, yellow trees, reeds, how gray? The Lotus on Taiji Island is broken, and the Wild Goose will return to the wild goose. Who will go up high in Chongyang? Lian Li’s hands […]


The smell of charcoal is a warm and familiar past that is worth recalling. Winter in the North lasts a long time, and the north wind is covered with snowflakes, which is a dry and cold weather. As far as I can remember, there is a fire every day at home in winter, which we […]

From kindness

We seek from others and give generously. Everyone has a fragile life and needs to whisper in a low voice to accompany him gently. Every kind person will certainly follow the instructions and give soberly guidance, whether it is the dissemination of knowledge or the sharing of experience and lessons, the sense of joy which […]


In the long time, people have no smooth fate or happy life in the long journey of life. Time is fair to anyone and ruthless to anyone. The harsh real life is not a pool of calm fresh water, but a boiling sea with surging waves, and its taste also contains ups and downs. If […]


The Bell at the end of the year vaguely timed the beginning and end of everything, and the 365 days along the way all timed the work and passing of life. In a modern humanistic view of independent wisdom and sovereignty, it is no longer like a few years ago or more than a decade […]

Heavy snow

At that time, on New Year’s Day in 2014, the time clock went from 2013 to 2014 and passed through 1314. The snow of that year had not fallen yet, and soon it snowed heavily several days after the Spring Festival. It seems that all my articles have strong foresight. Time has gone through 1314. […]


In midsummer afternoon, I drove on the country road at the junction of Jiangsu and Anhui. Under the sunshine, the field just washed by the shower, everything seemed extraordinarily quiet and bright. Just as I was slowly passing through a grove, I was surprised to see a pheasant with colorful feathers, dancing and walking on […]