Drunk, hazy; Wake up, A Dream of Spring. When I was drunk and woke up, I remembered those sunglow-filled mornings in my life and the bleak dusk of cold rain. In the blink of an eye, the spring flowers turn into autumn flowers, and the streamer flies away, and will return to the starting point […]


Originally, I was still thinking about what kind of title should be given to this article. I found that I was so lucky every time, not QQ theme. Tencent just catered to my heart, and I borrowed it without reservation. I remember a netizen once commented on my article, saying that if I had time […]

Good Mom

I am an undergraduate intern majoring in preschool education in a normal school in northern Henan. During my previous study and internship, I really realized the importance of family education. “A good mother is better than a good teacher” is a book written by teacher Yin Jianli. She wrote in the postscript of this book […]


Fact, all. I am really like him. Him. It is the most stable one among them. Unlike other people who are ambiguous with many girls. But it’s not that I never get close to other girls. His friends are always laughing. And he always kept silent aside. Sometimes, I just think. Is there no one […]


22 years ago, my hometown and countryside were living in poverty. Besides the meager several mu of responsibility farmland, farmers made a living in order to supply the daily living expenses, every family feeds a small number of poultry and livestock. At that time, I just graduated from school and entered the society. The main […]


In July, it was so hot that I started my own trip. I thought that the job I chose would see a bright office with colleagues traveling in formal attitud. Work was like traveling. From this station to another station, then we started a new stop. I want to change my life in a city. […]

And things

Not long after the building was built, our family hadn’t moved in, until they were occupied by a group of wild pigeons who didn’t know where they came from. Not to mention, the whole top floor became a public toilet scattered by these wild pigeons, as long as people reach the stairs leading to the […]


Under normal circumstances, people’s lives are roughly the same, such as eating, sleeping, working, studying, getting married to giving birth to children, and then responsibilities and obligations until they die of old age. Then, compared with life living in the bright place, does the soul have the same situation or performance as life? According to […]


Suddenly I found that the click rate of prose online is higher than that of common websites. Often, after the article is approved, it has been found that there are more than hundreds of clicks. In terms of writing career, the click-through rate of posts that were managed and employed in a website in the […]

Let spirit

I like to let my thoughts shed a boat, swim freely in the words, read carefully the safety of spring, summer, autumn and winter, and quietly feel the calmness of flowers and flowers, the joys and sorrows of the fleeting time, the warmth and warmth of human feelings, all of which are. In the world […]