The dense clouds indicate the coming of heavy rain. That little light is fleeting like this. Leaving only a figure and disconsolate eyes. How to describe everything that is changeable? When people are caught off guard, there are still some disillusionment of hope, which makes all happiness disappear in an instant! A cup of thick […]


At noon that day, it was a little high to accompany guests to drink. After work in the afternoon, several colleagues came to my office one after another and talked about it, I blamed the leader’s annual bonus twice as much as those of our deputies with one voice. It made me angry. Today’s society […]

Look up

Are you used to living? Eat better! Can’t be a vegetarian! If I want to work part-time, I will definitely allow it. This is the director’s voice. And the former security guard, once when I fell down and knocked over his bike, he ran out to help me up and said, “it’s good that people […]


I always want to make life a poem, sometimes simple, sometimes delicate, but unexpectedly, life has become a song without melody, sometimes unreliable, sometimes out of tune. In these leisure days, I always want to write something and replace the boring life with a little busyness. As a result, when I wanted to write something, […]


Beijing, in my memory, is always easy to connect with Tiananmen Square. Besides, what I know is only reported on TV or news. If it was not for work, it might be far away for me to walk into Beijing. When the train slowly entered the platform, I looked at the outside world through the […]


I don’t know what it is, and I don’t know whether it is narrow or not. Occasionally, it gives birth to a kind of artistic conception. I always want to go to the Peach Blossom Garden of old Mr. Tao Yuanming, and I also want to enjoy Walden Lake leisurely, I want to stay in […]


There are two kinds of dharma. People who enter the world are the world of mortals. The world of mortals is rolling. In the city, there are all the world of mortals. The capital of Tang Dynasty is Xi’an, and the transportation means are Carriages. Red soil in the North, what I saw in the […]


The sky gradually became dark, and the day of life ended again. Gently open the window and stare at the night sky without the moon, with stars shining above your head. Suddenly, a meteor flashed by in the field of vision and disappeared in the endless universe in a flash. No one can know its […]

In road

In the spring morning, the temperature will still make you tremble for a while, but after all, you still can’t twist the call from afar and the response in your heart. The rainy day of a week is over, which makes me so natural, I used to carry a bag car on my back, rising […]

New Year

New Year 2013 —— written on the occasion of farewell to the old and welcome the new in 2013, Zhang Zhanhua of Yongjing Middle School passed away in 2012, and the mysterious Mayan prophecy finally became a joke …… the ancient laws of the universe still work, how can the Earth’s magnetic poles change? I […]