Tao fan

——– The strong planning of the government and the so-called scientific and wise layout adjustment when the schools were merged make the fate of schools that were originally weak but ignored in rural areas more difficult. In the big bank, education should be balanced, scientific, today’s sustainable development. The educational system of urban and rural […]


Meeting some people is like meeting a dream. Because of these people, it is good to go anywhere and take everything for granted. We will meet countless of these people in our life and are destined to meet each other, doomed natural. Before graduation, I have read such a sentence that growing up is that […]


That is still the memory of childhood. Every year of 8, 9 yue fen, busy after, mother began hath commanded me to mountain abstract yellow yuan wood, and. I remember that the dialect in my family was called primordial leaf. I picked up the bamboo basket, took the scyck, and invited my friends in twos […]


Some people cheer for others, some people cheer for themselves; Some people cheer for stars, some people cheer for ordinary people; Some people cheer for the motherland, and some people cheer for the world. No matter what kind of applause, it is moving, all shock our hearts. My cousin was the first senior student in […]

xiang ru

Flowers bloom silently, without conditions, requirements and publicity. The fragrance is floating, but it seems that nothing has happened, leaving only the fragrance repeatedly. It is rich in early autumn and lasts for the whole season, even longer. The beauty of osmanthus is more in her role and meaning. Gui, expensive. Osmanthus trees have represented […]

Strong wind

The strong wind began to blow early in the morning, crying and Howling: Woo, Roar, the tail sound was long, and there were nine series of songs, from morning to night, the sky was dark. My hometown calls this kind of wind the calf wind. This name can’t be more appropriate. It is vivid and […]


Shuttling back and forth in the quiet night, looking up, the warm light sprinkled on the obsessed face; The slow and steady footsteps crossed the ears, passed through the empty campus, and then stayed behind silently; step by step, I was deeply trapped in the tinkling sound after sound, in the cool night wind. At […]


On the morning of midsummer, walking on the sunny street, the hot sun was burning on the Earth, and it seemed to be steaming all around, making people feel like being in a steamer with sweat flowing down constantly. Walking to the shade beside the street in a hurry, there was a feeling of being […]


Rape flower was born to be a child of a peasant family. It was simple and plain, without showing the spirit of wealth, so that people could easily forget her. Rape flower is weak, and her life is also short. However, in March of spring every year, this immature life will never forget to stretch […]


Uncle gone. He left around 2 pm on January 20, 2005. Uncle’s son Haojun cried when he called and told me. Although he had already prepared for it, he couldn’t help telling me in a hoarse and choked voice at this time: brother, dad left, just at this time. Although I was prepared, I was […]