And hidden

When mentioning hermit, you will think of the fisherman written by Liu Zongyuan. Thousands of mountains and birds fly away, and thousands of paths are gone. Boat suo li weng, fishing alone trees and snow. The fishing of hermit doesn’t care about fish, and the snow of cold river can also catch all kinds of […]


Journey, wang shi ru yan dream, Gone with the wind. But there are some beauty, like the flowers in spring, which is still fragrant; Like the fruits in autumn, which are sweet and delicious. As time flies, as time goes. She deposits and then deposits, and takes root in the depth of your heart. When […]


In the Lonely summer, a few idle floating clouds slowly floated in the sky, drunk the wind that wandered occasionally. Summer is like a beautiful woman who soothes the dance sleeves, with the rhythm of no illness, charming and graceful, and unique elegance. The messy sound of decoration, shouting and passers-by’s conversation came out of […]


If life is like a dream, I will wait for a good time in the corridor of dreams. If the time is like water, I will stay in the paper and ink, casting a mottled silhouette, which is plain and slim, to pull the rush and emptiness of the time. Inscription I like summer, whether […]

jiu yue

The fiery maple leaves drifted on the dry land one after another, floating between the eyebrows and a page in the heart. The weather, I don’t know when it will start, becomes cold, the air is filled with thin strands of cold, with inexplicable sadness, whether the heart has lost its direction. The overflowing dream […]


Aba prefecture in Sichuan was known when learning the history of revolution. In my impression, it was a wild land with harsh environmental conditions, which brought many hardships to the Long March of the Red Army of the Communist Party of China, the main reason for choosing such a place was the weak defense of […]


Mother’s Day: The unforgettable miss in my heart Wu Xiande/Wen mother’s love is the greatest love, mother’s love is the purest love, and mother’s love is the purest love. Tears soaked through the two corners, recalling the childhood mother holding his hands, as if he was back to childhood, as if it was yesterday. No […]


I admire nature and escape into nature, which has always been my eternal complex. I gradually get up early and walk. In the early morning of early winter, there was a deep chill in the air. When the door was opened gently, a thick fog and cold rushed in, as if the door was pushed […]

True love

On March 1st, with a sense of awe, I watched the advanced deeds of moral model in “Spring blossoms”, and my heart was baptized and shocked. NI Xiulan, a model who loves education and children in Huangshi, Hubei province, has been rooted in a small mountain village since she was 18 years old and has […]


The child had low fever for several days in succession, and there was no sign of improvement after taking the medicine, so he was taken to the hospital very early today. It hasn’t arrived at eight o’clock, and the doctor hasn’t arrived yet. After hanging up the number, I sat with my child in the […]