The so-called: Silence is not lonely, not whether there are people around, but whether there are people in your heart! If you fall into a brief gentle sink, it is actually very terrible. I am very grateful to everyone who appears in my life journey. I am grateful to those who care about me, love […]


When you are happy, time always goes fast; When you are sad, time seems to stay at that moment and cannot move. Memories are deeply embedded in my mind; Sometimes, I am too busy to remember what on earth I can recall. Time and space are constantly changing, and what should exist will always be […]


After lunch, I rode alone immediately and went straight to my friend’s residence. The thin ice on the road turned into rain flowers. The car rustled on it, with a wisp of Sun bursting into my face and a little breeze smelling my hair, winter is so warm and beautiful, let alone the prototype of […]


Five One Small put 3-and-a-half days, my parents are not at home, homeless. I plan to take my children around the city and do housework! The first day: I slept with my child until 10.30, and finished breakfast. I began to wash all the thick coats for a day, searched them out for two days […]

Come on

Whenever I pass the basketball court on campus, I always slow down on purpose. Watch basketball and youth. Basketball is accompanied by our youth. Make an appointment with friends, play a hearty basketball, and let happiness fly unbridled! The agile anti-running, flexible dribbling, quick passing, freehand brushwork passing, soft hand feeling, precise shooting, beautiful arc, […]

Free line

After work, I had to go to Jishui for a stroll. By the riverside of the ancient city, there was a gentle breeze, which was infinitely lovely, but the warmth of early April and spring was gone. The sun is shining, sweating like a pig, and the water molecules in the city are shining with […]


A plum blossom, a white lotus, a cluster of yellow chrysanthemum. Cool and elegant charm gently falls on the heartstrings of silence. Spend a good Moon, life is quiet and beautiful, everything is natural, no need to carve. I often think about the true meaning of life alone in the dead of night. Maybe Red […]


That evening, when I broke up with my friend at sanqiaotou, the sky was just drizzle, walking towards home alone. Unexpectedly, a few steps later, the rain suddenly increased. Maybe because of the rain, there was no one on the long riverside, and the boundless slanting rain fell into the water freely and hung on […]

Induced front

Seeing your reply to me in the circle of friends, many unspeakable mixed feelings suddenly emerged in my heart, which made my heart feel uncomfortable. A few simple lines reveal too much information. Although there is no verbal abuse between the lines and no angry words can be seen, I rely on the delicacy and […]


My friend called for a day, but the conversation about education with him was still in my mind, thinking over and over again. I originally wanted my friend to write an preface for the booklet that I recorded the growth of my child. My friend was a serious person and did not rush to write, […]