In those years, I resolutely escaped from the southern seaside city which had stayed for eight years. Even though the city was praised as a garden city on the sea, it didn’t stop me from escaping. The city is so beautiful, but I just can’t love it. It’s hard to divide the Four Seasons. Even […]


Life is a scene of beautiful interpretation (essay) text/Yan Yunfeng recently, he suddenly became interested in Confucianism and Buddhism. During my spare time and leisure time, I read and learned some books and materials about Zen and ancient books. All the four are empty, the Buddha is in the heart, the honor of three lives […]

Cast Aluminum

People who cast aluminum pots —- there is only one kind of life, and there are indeed countless kinds of livelihood. The sweating bull went off work yesterday and passed by xiaoliangzhuang. He saw someone casting an aluminum pot at the entrance of the village, so he stopped to watch. To be honest, this is […]


Of the wind tower. The strong wind before the storm came, through the gap between doors and windows, made a whine sound, mixed with the sound of door and window shaking and creaking, woke me up from my nap dream. Maybe it was the lack of sleep for several days. Today’s nap seemed to be […]


Don’t worry a long-lost heavy rain dampened out the hot summer day. People can finally walk out of the steamer-like house to enjoy the cozy coolness and the smile on their faces, it’s just like finishing a big event in life that breaks people’s heart, but with the piety like being grateful to God. Taiyuan […]

Invited King

I always want you to come, and it is best to come in autumn. Because autumn in Jiangnan has the fragrance of flowers in spring, the warmth of summer and the lingering of winter. You always like autumn. In your opinion, autumn is a colorful picture scroll. No matter in sound, color, temperament and rhyme, […]


Once upon a time, we were already so big that the idyllic dog named Xiao Huang also left us. Once upon a time, we were no longer what we remembered. I want to go back to the past. There are not many tall buildings and rice fields like waves in the wind. I just remember […]

Not only

She always looked at her from a distance. When she walked into her side, her brilliance was more detailed and delicate, not sparse, because it was fragmentary, and there was no illusion and reality that looked close to grass from a distance. There is no illusion, her tiny colorful feather petals are so real, full […]

Tease mu

It is suspected that the Galaxy has fallen nine days, saying beauty, beauty, beauty. In my memory, it is a fairyland on earth, a creation of the Heavenly Emperor’s heart, a soul-catching, a desire for people’s thoughts, a soul-catching, the unique substance of intoxicating intelligence. However, a casual trip to North America and a complex […]