Induced Green

To youth was written to the devastated prosperity in the late night of December. The chill hit people, the sky was bleak, and the whole body was filled with a sad atmosphere. Everywhere I went was the devastated prosperity. I saw that youth was no longer complete. I was still waiting in the same place, […]


A cement road with a length of about and a width of about 5 meters is my way to work. I have been walking for three years. I have a deep memory of every tree on the road, every dilapidated step and every gradient. With the company day and night, what time leaves us is […]

Two years

In autumn and winter, turn on the phone, and the screen shows: 2012.11.8. Another year’s November, the winter opening of this year is destined to be in another place. Although the present is more lonely and desolate than before, the difference is that the inner peace and unhurried, even if occasionally it touches the scene, […]


Looking through that book, I accidentally saw that leaf. Caught in the book, it arouses people’s imagination. Guess where it came from, catch a trace of inspiration and feel happy. To verify with her, she put it in the pages by herself as I thought. The blade feels very thin and fragile because it is […]


Lonely tan ying day long, wu zhuan xing yi a few degrees autumn. Where are the disciples in the Pavilion today? The Yangtze River flows outside the barrier. Streamer is easy to throw people, red cherry, green plantain. Where have 2015, our time and our youth gone? There is no trace of time, my thoughts […]

This suddenly

I have been looking forward to it for a long time, and I hope it will rain heavily. Today, it is really coming. It rained heavily, turning all the tranquility into noise. The originally gloomy day became a little bright, and the rain column falling in the air hit the cement floor, making a loud […]


Sometimes I taboo comparison, because every child has his own characteristics. Measuring by common standards will make children lose their individuality. Sometimes I enjoy comparison very much. Usually at this time, when Jing Nan is doing better than others, listening to the words of praise can really make me happy. Although I have always deliberately […]

Let heart

Let heart, on duty that night on the way, I went downstairs. The Moonlight is a little fuzzy, I can’t see the stars. The gentle wind messed up my hair, and the air was filled with agitation. I heard the faint resentment of the rose and smelt the slight sadness in the wind. Alone, walking […]


With a little bit of dust, the lingering wisp of boredom came into the house, but he and his mother were busy and happy in the kitchen; He stood high on the board, touching all kinds of hands to pinch the mud, he shouted to me and reported his creation excitedly. I quickly washed my […]

The road

A person, from the zygote, embryo, shaping, breeding, to the birth of a baby, young child, youth, adult, a girl transformed into a woman, in these periods, will experience a lot of ups and downs, it is also because there will be difficulties and frustrations in the journey that makes life more meaningful. Then the […]