Our great motherland has a vast territory and a long history. In this vast and beautiful land, the hardworking, brave and wise Chinese sons and daughters have jointly created brilliant achievements and composed a splendid chapter of The Times. Do you know where the mountains of Gao Jun and the vigorous plateau are distributed? Have […]


I often addicted to such a picture: a stretch of green field and a simple free and easy figure across it, clothes elegant, deep fragrance I intoxicating garden, as the lyrics depicted: beans Green thin and long, cucumber cross-body green clothes, eggplant high play lanterns, radish underground hide-and-seek, Pepper long pointed beak, pumpkin the old […]


Qingming and Qingming are remembered clearly and engraved clearly, which makes people clear their eyes and ears. In spring, people can see clearly the beauty of everything in the world with light quilts and thin shirts. Qingming, the Qingming of God and mind, points out that we remember the past, the deceased relatives, or those […]


There was a small river on the other side of the dream, which flowed into my dream in winter that year. The Dream was dense and the reality was hazy. I vaguely remember the winding river, the gurgling water, and the round cobblestone head full of riverbed looking at the blue sky and dreaming of […]


It has always been the fine tradition of the Chinese people to hope for success. In this case, there seems to be no difference between the rich and the poor. In addition to the hope that their children can stand out, this is only one aspect of it, but there is also the suspicion that […]


The school is still there, but we can’t go back to the original student age, one stage after another. Several graduation photos, graduation certificates and perfunctory alumni records have become the conclusion of each stage. Then I went to the previous campus, and the school was still the same, but some places were more shabby, […]


If I once said the beginning, then please believe that every Beginning of mine has a different meaning, and I also believe that every beginning is special, even if those beginning seem so ordinary in 1993, I don’t know whether summer is far away or autumn is just coming. I can’t know the specific moment, […]

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The spring is full, the breeze blows gently, the branches are in bud, the green willows on both sides of the road are near, wild flowers cluster on Qian, and butterflies dance among the strangers. Feel a different kind of vitality, bring a touch of flowers into my arms. The gentle breeze gave birth to […]


Maybe most of the time we will think that we must start from childhood to do something, but more often, it is established under this small condition. But under big conditions, everything has to be reversed. Because condescending, with irresistible force. To be simple, it is to do the difficult things first, and do the […]