Today, I read an article about how infatuated women understand the eternity engraved by time and how to regard missing and helplessness as a different kind of beauty. There is a saying in it: when the wind blows, there is missing, when the flowers fall, there is sadness, when the clouds bloom, there is indifference, […]


1 many nights in my childhood were accompanied by a wonderful moon. When we panted to a nearby state-owned factory to watch a movie, the moon in the sky followed us. When we watched those movies of beating Devils with relish, the moon leaned against the roof of the building to rest. However, when we […]


In the morning, I was awakened by the cuckoo’s cry. After pondering the cuckoo’s voice carefully, I couldn’t hear the content of my parents-in-law in the book I saw when I was a child, which was about cutting wheat and cutting crops, I kept repeating, monotonous, turbid, and a little desolation. In the uninterrupted cuckoo […]


Today is Teacher’s Day, which reminds me of my teacher. Day as a teacher, parent. A spring of kindness is hard to report in one life. Every time I recall my school days or sit in front of the desk, I always miss my teacher. Decades of hard work and progress are all related to […]


The train galloped through Wushaoling tunnel, and the afterglow of sunset spread into the carriage through the curtains. The whole carriage became much quiet immediately, and the endless peaks on both sides flew by the train. Under the sunlight of sunset, the mountains with distinct edges and corners, ups and downs, are like a long […]


So poor? Of course, they also have their own basic quality of life, but the quality of life for personal needs is different. It is not that the poor do not pay attention to the quality of life. Life, personal quality, such as image, when you go out, you can change clean clothes, tidy up […]

Talk about”

Some people say that time is like a pig knife, killing people’s life from youth to an old man with white hair. Constantly urging people to grow old! I said, although the years have changed dramatically, people can be young. Although people’s annual rings increase and wrinkles are the majority, their mentality can keep pleasant […]


Time is like a clear Lotus. Time slips through the flowers and falls. Unconsciously, it has come to the end of the 2015 year. Time, it is like a naughty elf, you can’t hear it, can’t see it, even can’t touch it, but it can still slip away from you and me, escape. Turning the […]


In May, the wind blows green leaves, and the new ideas are dim. I am not surprised or happy, and it is full of sadness. What is that? Days slide through the fragments under the calendar day by day. They are silent and unobtrusive. An inexplicable sadness welled up in my heart. Is it a […]

Summer Fun

In the hot summer, memory is like a mat spreading out, conveying me a little coolness, flowing in the leisurely. I always like to live in my aunt’s house in my summer childhood, because there are too many temptations there. In the daytime, I followed my cousin closely, holding a wine bottle and watching him […]