Time is like a peaceful river to me. There are no deep waves, no spray flying, and no wind and rain passing through the river. However, blue sky and white clouds or some fragmentary memories occasionally come back casually, let the mirror-like plane flicker with ripples. The ripples go away, and life goes back to […]


Due to the congenital allergy, I almost rejected all the strong smells in nature, and gradually got used to slowing down and fading down, making everything around fade down, I gradually get used to enjoying the faint loneliness and the faint fragrance of loneliness. I naturally understand that the fragrance of all kinds of spring […]


Every time I see old couples resting on the tree-lined bench with snow covering their heads for dozens of years, every time I see young mother in gorgeous clothes strolling on the small and medium-sized Road in the garden with flowers and flowers, when Shier bent down and bowed his back and murmured with the […]


Every time I see you, it is just like a ray of sunshine scattered in winter, and the warmth of Chen array flows out slowly. I still remember the first encounter when I was young. In the classroom which was full of coaxing, a warm face came into my eyes. You are, I am. A […]


The time under the eaves was slanting, and the shadow of the tree was lengthened by several inches. At dusk, there was another cold autumn in the jade pillow yarn cabinet. Walking in the season, though enjoying the scenery together, it is hard to get away from the fireworks in the world. The plants and […]

Yan Long

The recent essays of Yan Long are some short stories I wrote. Some old readers don’t like it. It’s just an attempt. They will update short stories occasionally in the future, and will not write directly like this. Today, I will continue to return to the essay series to talk about some personal life insights […]


Today is my birthday. Look up at the wall clock on the wall. It’s just 9 o’clock. It has been 49 years and 02 hours since I broke off my fingers. The days passed so fast. It was like a plane. It just took off from Dongshan airport, but after a little confused for a […]

Reward book

Books nourish one’s nature, while books nourish one’s mind. It can not only improve people’s aesthetic taste and spiritual sentiment, but also achieve the purpose of strengthening physical fitness and maintaining and promoting health. Throughout the ages, there are many longevity stars among calligraphers, such as Qi Baishi, Zhang Daqian and so on, who are […]


Before the sun climbed to the horizon early in the morning and the smoke of every family rose, I started my day’s work. Cold and summer festivals are repeated, never stop, and do not feel tired. In my consciousness, the sky is blue and the wind is amiable; The clouds are romantic and the streams […]

And poetry

Having an affair with poetry article/The modern poetry I read in Ji Yue University impressed me most is this sentence: my loneliness is a long snake, and the reason why it is profound may be that: at that time, Liao Liao’s loneliness in his heart was like a cold and long snake. Now I read […]