When my senior fellow apprentice was practicing the car, he always liked to find an excuse to get off and walk at the bank of Haojiang Lake. On cloudy days, there are light sorrows passing away with the water, and under the winter sun, there are no longer young publicity. I like to approach the […]

Continued statements

It’s a little abrupt to open an ending again. However, this story was staged after all, so we have to continue. Two years ago, I took another road. There were many roads in this world. Some were connections, some were partitions, some were memories, and some were forgetting. The dark night escaped from the mixed […]

Tears nest

To tell the truth, I have a problem that is not a problem, that is, when I encounter touching stories, scenes and words, I love tears and feel a bit like a woman. Old family members often say that people who love tears have shallow tears. Maybe, I belong to that kind of person, rich […]


The river in my hometown, the river dripping from the hillside, can not reflect the blue sky, nor a white cloud, next to the Tiancheng who gave birth to me and raised me, in Tiancheng, I have my old parents and the Chinese house they built when they were young. Now it is dilapidated. The […]

I would like

Twilight quietly came to this land, enchanting a misty blue. The swaying shadow of the tree gradually merged with the Earth. The water in the flowing water was calm and let the boat sing late. The Two paddles made ripples layer by layer, rippling with light, the melodious flute brought a long-lost peace. The vigorous […]

Every year

It is almost an appointment, as if I am Wei Tuo, and the Epiphyllum in our family is going to bloom again. I am arrived home on Friday night, then I walked up to the balcony and saw that my two Epiphyllum were already full of flower buds. They seemed to have gained enough strength. […]

Green hand

As the saying goes, raw hands are afraid of being proficient, skilled hands are afraid of Masters, and Masters are afraid of losing. Birth is the foundation of maturity, and where can maturity come without birth? Therefore, it is not terrible to give birth to a child, not to study, not to work hard, and […]


If you walk around the city of Suzhou, the weather gets cold and there are fewer pedestrians on the road, you will think of the words like “a person’s night. Now Suzhou is more lonely than a big city. I think that lyrics are more than fireworks in a big city, but the ending of […]


I rode a bicycle to the old mountain for a while. I met a girl walking alone in the Peach Blossom Pool and asked me how to get out of the mountain and take a bus? There is a driving school deep in the old mountain. She came out of the driving school. I was […]


For a long time, the favorite word is Nalan rongruo’s life. If it is just like the first sight, what is the autumn wind sad painting fan? If life is just like the first sight, what a good picture it should be, the warmth at the first sight, it is always fixed on the canvas […]