Slightly cold

The warm and cold days are filled with the slight coldness of early spring; The world of sunny snow is transmitting the clear, thin and cool artistic conception. A long-lost breath flows out from the bottom of my heart inadvertently, carrying a little warm, A little cold, involving the germination of heart in early spring. […]

Children traveling

The car galloped on the street in winter, and the wheels made a stuffy sound under the feet. On the cold seat, the five-year-old son had already fallen asleep in the jolt. Seeing his innocent sleepiness was really enviable —— in his world, it was full of beauty and fantasy. All these need me to […]


My parents are both farmers. When I was a child, my parents went to work in the field and locked me at home alone. After I woke up, I climbed to the gate with crying and shouting, looking forward to my parents opening the door. My parents worked on farm work for a whole day. […]


After a winter of gestation, you finally broke out of the palace at the beginning of spring. Because of the experience of snow, frost and cold rain, you are strong, vigorous, steady, and not as delicate as a young girl, although there is no lack of flexibility. In the spring breeze and rain, you stretch […]

And new

Light see courthouse blossom, diffuse with outer cloud Cirrus easy. Just sitting outside the years, watching others’ tears or happy smiles in their own stories, watching those mottled fragments slide across the faces of all living beings, but I was unmoved like a holy monk. Lightly twist the string of the years, look back at […]

Large self-

The relationship between human beings and nature is just like that between children and mothers. Nature is the mother of human beings. Nature, the great and magical mother, has created everything in the world with her superb wisdom and ability, but human beings are only a part of it. In the childhood of human beings, […]


Happiness in ordinary life Wang Huiping I have always thought that happiness is a kind of peace in a happy family, intoxicated in a quiet and quiet life, and presents a kind of calm and mature, it is a pleasure to immerse yourself in ordinary life! I like my job, because I know that women […]

Warm Heart

I always stay at home with my daughter, and sometimes I look down upon myself. I know that there is always a feeling of uncontent with the status quo in my heart. I know that women live by men, and their self-confidence and independence will be lost sooner or later. Selling the products in the […]


My father has changed completely under the torture and destruction of illness for many years. I can’t see any shadow of his health in the past. What makes him more sad and scared is that his temperament has become more and more sensitive and fragile; become more and more irritable, more and more arrogant; Become […]


I once taught a teacher’s child, who was talkative, capable, ambitious and courageous. I once talked with her about teachers and her dreams for the future. She said that she would not be a teacher even if she was killed. This sentence hurt me deeply, but it also made me reflect on the profession of […]