You is

If words are like sheep, you are a shepherd. Blue sky and white clouds, you will graze your beloved sheep on the vast grassland. Sheep are flowing like clouds. Your thoughts travel in the blue sky with floating clouds. All the troubles in the world are poured into the sky, turning into the realm of […]


My favorite place in the small town is Junan Xinhua Bookstore. Sometimes it takes a long time to stay. No matter whether you buy books or not, if you pass by here, you will go in and go around consciously or unconsciously. I like the light fragrance of books and the thick atmosphere of knowledge. […]


The plot of people’s nostalgia is always like a string, which is stirred by the fingertips of feelings and memories for a long time. Those fragments that were thought to be forgotten and polished away by time instantly rolled into waves and surging into seas in their minds because of a sentence or an object. […]


Last night, he was still quiet. He just met someone he once liked. He didn’t change. The only thing he became was vicissitudes. I didn’t ask him whether he had a girlfriend or not, because I didn’t want to ask, but just smiled. As for the past love, with your firm no longer exists, the […]


Lily flowers bloom in summer. Thanks for the spring flowers, the summer flowers bloom. However, the elegant figure of those two lilies during the Spring Festival still flickers in my memory. Before the Spring Festival, the festive atmosphere of the festival is getting stronger and stronger. Colleagues brought a bunch of lily flowers with buds […]


I don’t know why, but I forget how I heard this sentence. When I think of death, my mind will echo: What about death now? Anyway, I will die sooner or later. No one said that in the TV series. No matter how hard Feng Tang drank, he wouldn’t say that. What about Proust? I […]


The holiday lasts for three days, which is commonly known as Qingming Festival long vacation. Walking outside alone, strolling along the du Shui river, I wanted to take care of my own chaotic mood, because recently I was too tired, a kind of unspeakable tiredness between body and mind. My mother went back to her […]