I don’t believe in Buddhism, nor do I have any Buddhist connections, let alone Buddha roots, and can’t understand buddhism. However, when I am quiet, I also like to listen to the ethereal chanting of Buddhism quietly. Relieve the tiredness of the day, often sit alone in the deep night, say goodbye to the complicated […]

Road of love

During the Spring Festival, the cold wave hit people, making their teeth tremble. It was even worse at night. When I didn’t go to Liangshan Mountain, I was a Southerner. The South was relatively warmer, so I was very afraid of the cold. The roaring snow wind blew cracks on my face, feeling itchy. I […]


In recent years, Oleander has suddenly been everywhere on the roadside. I have never cared about it every day before. When pink, white and yellow flowers bloom, they are so beautiful that people can linger in the eyes, they asked one after another what this kind of plant was, and it was rare to see […]


After working freely for several months, I had to go back home to rest. Sometimes, when thinking about it, I felt really heavy and irritable, so I was not willing to pull down some messy things. In recent days, I always want to calm down and concentrate on sorting out something that belongs to my […]


Life is what? Everyone can give his own answer: life is a glass of wine, sending out an attractive taste. Life is a cup of coffee with a light bitter taste in its strong fragrance. Life is a song, and life is a mass of hemp. All kinds of answers are actually their own feelings, […]


I like climbing high and use fitness as an excuse. In fact, I may be more curious than others. My home is between Kuanglu, but it is a plain one hundred miles away. As a child, pitch, distant Castle Peak with Dai, vivid, but no set foot on step. Every day, what I am familiar […]


Keeping the memory in the wind and dust, I buried a grain of lovesickness in the snow, passing through seasons and seasons, living and growing endlessly, inscribing the snow and becoming fragrant. The cold winter finally arrived as scheduled, with snow on the road. Walking forward in the cold wind, breathing every moment. This is […]


Ordinary Days of Life Online 1 in the morning, I hurried from the easternmost home of the city to the westernmost factory of the city. Outside the window, the gastrodia elata was bright, and the morning glow just dyed red and cyan on the horizon. In the evening, he dragged his tired body and numb […]


Do you still remember the bright moon last night? It was the Mid-Autumn Festival. I don’t think most of my friends living in the city would have a deep impression, because buildings built in recent years have sprung up like mushrooms, high-rise buildings rising from the ground everywhere even the morning sun stopped, so it […]


It has been several days since the beginning of winter, and the climate in the South is still warm and windy. Occasionally, a cold wind gets into the sweater. However, there was a lot of rain, which added some poetic flavor to the bleak winter. My friend sent them the scene of cedar in the […]